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"Suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

These were the words spoken long ago by the Lord Jesus. In his wisdom he knew that the little children are pure, and that they believe in a good song. They hear the songs sung by people, and that same purity and goodness picks the good music from the bad.

In the many years --31-- that I've been married to Johnny Cash, the little ones have come to him with the same sweet innocence that binds them to John as children and they stay bound throughout their life. His music has made them laugh, made them learn to cry, taught them history about a world they're just being born into. They learn to dance their first steps to some of his songs.

This album is for the children, and the same bass voice that speaks true, sings out to them again, and pulls them into the light of this day and into what is happening now. May help them to learn their ABCs. May they learn the old stories about famous train wrecks, as Johnny Cash tells you the truth about Ben Dewberry's Final Run, and to set your clock by My Grandfather's Clock, and look through little Magic Glasses. Meet our daughter Tara in Miss Tara, and I had a great time with my daughter, Rosie Carter, about The Little Green Fountain. And I've got a boy (and his name is John). You're going to know Johnny Cash a lot better as he shares a boy's tragic day losing his dog, Old Shep. May we in our wisdom be more like little children, be loving, kind, and true. And Johnny Cash, after this album - little children will listen for you.

with love from June


Appalachian Pride

She is my Appalachian Pride

And in her love I do abide.
Though life is tempest tossed
And sorrow borne.
She is there to take a part
And she gives me all her heart.
We share it all
If we should laugh or mourn –


She is my Appalachian Pride
Got a treasure laid aside
She plays me like a sweet
old fashioned tune.
And the melody is mine
We'll share it for all time
My Appalacian Pride is my June


For June with love John, 1999

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It's All In The Family June Carter & Johnny Cash: It's All In The Family Art-Nr.: BCD16132

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1-CD Digipak (6-plated) with 52-page booklet, 28 tracks. Playing time approx. 71 mns. June Carter 's last great solo album was 'Appalachian Pride', dating from 1976, now reissued by Bear Family. Despite the fact that she grew up on the...
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