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Adam Brand: Adam Brand & The Outlaws (CD-Album)
Art-Nr.: CD4753300

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(2016/ABC Universal) 14 tracks - Brandnew Adam Brand album featuring rocking outlaw Country stuff!

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Adam Brand: My Acoustic Diary - My Side Of The Street (2-CD Albums)
Art-Nr.: CD4771050

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(2016/ABC Universal) 28 tracks - Two Adam Brand albums from 2013 and 2014! Limited edition!

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Adam Brand: Blame It On Eve (2008)
Art-Nr.: CDCB043

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(2008/COMPASS BROS) 15 tracks (51:29)

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Adam Brand: What A Life
Art-Nr.: CDCB024

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(2006/COMPASS) 14 tracks, recorded 2006!

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Adam Brand: It's Gonna Be OK
Art-Nr.: CDCB077

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(2010/COMPASS) 13 tracks

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Adam Brand: Hell Of A Ride
Art-Nr.: CDCB064

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(2009/COMPASS ROAD) 12 tracks

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