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A Frenchwoman who sings in German from faraway Fujiyama - this mixture may seem a bit strange from today's point of view, but it is nothing special in the hit scene of the 60s.

That Jacqueline Boyer delivers one of the most successful hits of 1963 with the title Mitsou is, however, one of the big surprises that the music business - even today - still holds in store. In Germany, the dark-haired mademoiselle from the metropolis on the Seine is from now on committed to Far East hit romanticism. Later she sings about a Hong Kong girl, a Butterfly and Little, Little China Girl. But these imitations do not come close to the quality of the original and all prove to be commercially unsuccessful.

The international career of the attractive singer began in 1960 with her tender voice and almond-shaped eyes, more precisely on March 29. There she takes part in the Grand Prix D'Eurovision De La Chanson in London. With the starting number 13 she is the last interpreter of the competition to go on stage. Their melodious title Tom Pillibi, written by Andre Popp and Pierre Cour, is awarded 32 points by the international jury and lands in first place ahead of the British competition title. The German contribution Bonne Nuit Ma Cherie, sung by Wyn Hoop, won 4th place at this festival.

Jacqueline Boyer was born in Paris in 1941 as a child of famous parents. Her mother is the legendary chansonette Lucienne Boyer, who achieved world fame with her incomparable interpretation of Parlez-Moi D'Amour. Her father Jacques Pills is also a well-known singer.

With so much musicality in the family, it is not surprising that Jacqueline also inherited this talent. At an early age, she appeared in her mother's cabaret at the Montmatre, where she delighted the audience with her filigree voice and her teenage charm. There she is heard one day by Franck Pourcel, who first brings her to radio and then establishes contact with the record industry. When the 18-year-old Jacqueline celebrates her great triumph in London, he is there as a conductor. In almost all European countries, even in Great Britain, the up to then only in France popular singer can place herself with her winning song in the hit lists. It is littered with offers for tours and television shows and is the beginning of an international career.

The teenage newspaper'Bravo' dedicates a half-page report to her and writes: "Small, young but great. Jacqueline has made a name for herself in France despite her famous mother. "Overnight, it became known throughout Europe." Of course Tom Pillibi will also be released in a German version and this will soon reach respectable hit parade positions.

The Bavaria film production, which is currently looking for a French chanson singer for the espionage film'Soldatensender Calais', awards this role to her. America also shows interest in the new hit attraction from France and so she appears in the shows of Perry Como and Pat Boone. But it's just a short trip, because after that they'll have more engagements in Europe waiting for them. These include a performance in the German music film'Schlager-Raketen' and above all participation in a chanson competition in Paris.

With Comme Au Premier Jour, an emotional love song, she wins first place and the Coq D'Or. The German tele-film switches quickly and with this song integrates it into the plot of the musical thriller'Das Rätsel der grünen Spinne'. And while here in Germany Tom Pillibi is still in the sales hit parades, the back greeting me love climbs into the charts completely unexpectedly. This makes it clear that Jacqueline will continue to be sung in German.

Her next title Mademoiselle De Paris In Tirol, in which French musette sounds are combined with alpine brass music and cowbells, is presented in the hit film'Gauner-Serenade'. Well-known singing stars like Fred Bertelmann, Rocco Granata, Dany Mann, Chris Howland and Jan & Kjeld are also part of the band.

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