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Since 1985 Boppin'B with their very own interpretation of rock'n'roll have been making the stages of this planet unsafe. Originating from a school band, the first LP'Bee Bop' was recorded in 1988. Due to the increasing number of gigs they decided to make their hobby their profession in 1990, and since then the band plays about 200 shows every year.

They were the first in Germany (1990) to dress modern pop songs in a rock'n'roll outfit and were pioneers for many bands, who later did the same very successfully. (Dick Brave, Boss Hoss, Baseballs etc.) With this concept they conquered the German charts in 2004 and 2005 with the album 'Bop around the Pop' as well as with two single releases and gained great attention throughout Germany. However, they did not limit themselves to this, but, despite the great success they achieved, always placed great value on their own compositions. Their persistence proved them right and so with the last two albums 'B.A.N.G.' and 'Monkey Business', which mainly consisted of their own songs, they were able to climb the upper ranks of the independent charts, which bands from this genre have only very rarely succeeded so far. This is also the reason why they regularly perform with great success in renowned clubs as well as at popular festivals at home and abroad. Their live performance is legendary and captivates by the partly acrobatic show interludes. It's remarkable that the band's success came exclusively from their own efforts and over the years they have never let the 'handle of action' be taken out of their hands. It is living proof that continuity and creativity are not mutually exclusive, but lead to success in this constellation.

Curriculum Vitae Boppin B.

    In 1985, four students of an Aschaffenburg grammar school came together to rehearse a unique concert for a school festival. Their performance under the name 'Boppin' Bunny and the Be Bop Boys' is a success, the group decides to continue.
    An Irish pub in her hometown is the scene of her first public appearance - now under the shortened band name 'Boppin'B'.
    Soon the school band becomes known beyond the city limits.
    1986/87: Abitur, studies and civil service break up the original line-up: with Golo Sturm and Thomas Weiser only two founding members remain with Boppin'B, Didi Beck and Frank Seefeldt join the band.
    Their first LP 'Bee-Bop' was released in 1989 and in the same year the group made their first television appearance.
    1991 the LP 'The Look' is released, Boppin'B performs in concerts with Jerry Lee Lewis.
    After the band has more and more international appearances, the members dared the complete step into professionalism in 1992 and quit their other jobs.
    Singer Michael Treska joined the group in 1996.
    1998 the band made their first appearance in the USA. A year later it's Spain's turn - with great success.
    The group was first heard at the Tauber Valley Open Air in 2002.
    In 2004 the band appeared in the TV show '50 Jahre Rock', which was moderated by Thomas Gottschalk.
    With their album 'Bop Around The Pop' and the accompanying single release they make it into the German top 100 charts for the first time. In the same year Boppin'B rocks as support act for a Dick Brave concert in Dortmund's Westfalenhalle.
    In 2005, the group again placed in the German Top 100 charts with the song 'We Can Leave The World'.
    2008 'Rock'n'Roll Radio' is released, the band's 9th album
    2010 the 10th album 'B.A.N.G.' is released for the band's twenty-fifth anniversary and attracts a lot of attention in the scene and beyond, especially due to the many successful original compositions.
    In 2012 their 11th and so far last album 'Monkey Business' will be released and will immediately reach number 2 in the independent charts. In the same year guitarist and singer Michael Treska leaves the band. Sebastian Bogensperger takes his place.
    2014 The new singer Sebastian Bogensperger gives the band new impetus and the number of spectators at the live shows increases noticeably. The England tour and numerous appearances in other European countries are confirmed.
    2015 The first album with singer Sebastian Bogensberger 'Boppin' B' is released and meets with great enthusiasm among fans. In addition, the band celebrates its 30th anniversary with a brilliant concert in the Hanau amphitheatre with many guests and friends.
    2017 The second life album 'The Bop won't stop' is released. Sebastian Bogensperger says goodbye to the band and the fans with this album.
    2018 Michi Bock joins the band as a new singer and hits like a grenade.

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