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Various / Martin Böttcher Marina - Am Tag als der Regen kam (CD)

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1-CD with 36-page booklet, 33 tracks, playing time 65:34 minutes.  Marina / The day when... more

Various / Martin Böttcher: Marina - Am Tag als der Regen kam (CD)

1-CD with 36-page booklet, 33 tracks, playing time 65:34 minutes. 

Marina / The day when the rain came

Germany 1960; 89 minutes

The actors:
Georgia Moll: Mary Miller
Bubi Scholz: Ralf Moebius
Renate Holm: Renate Henkel
Rudolf Platte: Heartfelt Love, Nightwatchman
Gabriele: Gabriele, Herzlieb's niece
Teddy Stauffer: Robert Miller
Trude Herr: Trude Pippes
Jan: Jan
Kjeld: Kjeld
Bully Buhlan: Peter Hiller
Hannelore Elsner: Christa
Irene Mann: Irene
Gerold Wanke: Max
Zizi Rascos: Zizi
Kurt Waitzmann: 1st Inspector
Kurt Pratsch-Kaufmann: 2nd Inspector

Director: Paul Martin
Assistant director: Maria von Frisch
Screenplay: Eckart Hachfeld after a story by Artur Brauner and Paul Martin
Camera: Ted Kornowicz
Musical direction: Martin Böttcher

A CCC film distributed by Gloria
World premiere: 19 August 1960

The cellar of a pawnshop is perfect for a group of talented young musicians. There are great instruments here, they can practice here. Actually, they work as waiters, shop assistants, unskilled workers. But making music, founding a band - that's their big dream.

One night it comes true: Through an open window the whole click gets in and makes music. Even night watchman Herzlieb, at first not exactly pleased, turns a blind eye: not least because his niece Gabriele and her friends Jan and Kjeld are also talented musicians.

Max, technically gifted, also discovered an intact shortwave system with receiver and transmitter in the basement. He turns the apparatus around, and suddenly a magical voice from Brazil sounds: the singing of the world-famous Renate, wife of the conductor Miller. What the young musicians are still experiencing: Mary, Miller's daughter, has disappeared. She's supposed to be in Europe, her picture's in every newspaper. If you find Mary, you get a 10,000 Mark reward!

Ralf remembers that a lady who resembles this picture on her hair has just moved a piece of jewellery in the pawnshop. It's Mary! He tracks them down and persuades them to move into a garden house on the Leihaus owner's premises. It gets complicated when Ralf falls in love with Mary, because he can't deliver her to her father. His more enterprising friends then make sure of that via the shortwave station. Of course not without first offering their big show orchestra by wire!

Mary, still a minor, had run away from father and stepmother because she wanted to marry a musician named Peter from the chapel of Mr. Papa, but was not allowed. Luckily, because the young man was only after the family's money. And now Mary, who now calls herself Marina Ferrari, is also angry with Ralf, from whom she feels betrayed by her own father.

Finally Ralf regains Mary's trust - just in time, because she is already standing with Filou Peter in front of the registrar. But she simply leaves them both standing and hurries to the summer garden, where the young people give their first big concert through Miller's mediation. The musicians, with Ralf on the piano, are playing the Marina song in a ravishing way. Ralf abandons his instrument and rushes towards Marina. Papa Robert Miller, very satisfied with this solution, takes over Ralf's place.

The day the rain came.
Germany 1959; 88 minutes

The actors:
Mario Adorf: Werner, boss of the Panther Gang
Elke Sommer: Ellen, Werner's girlfriend
Gert Fröbe: Dr. Albert Maurer, Werner's father
Christian Wolff: Robert, member of the gang
Corny Collins: Inge, Robert's girlfriend
Claus Wilcke: Rudi, gang member
Ernst Jacobi: Fritz, gang member
Gert Günter Hoffmann: Willi, gang member
Wolf Richards: Otto, gang member
Uwe Gauditz: The 'Professor', gang member
Hans Zesch-Ballot: Bäumler, Commissioner for Criminal Investigation
Horst Naumann: Thiel, Criminal Assistant
Herbert Weissbach: Streichan, fairground tenant
Arno Paulsen: Grossmann, textile merchant

Director: Gerd Oswald
Screenplay: Heinz-Oskar Wuttig, Gerd Oswald
Camera: Karl Löb
Music: Martin Böttcher

An Alfa film at Bavaria-Filmverleih
World premiere: 24 November 1959

Berlin, at night at the Avus driveway. A young blonde girl is waiting for a ride. The fat textile merchant Grossmann stops, takes the girl and a friend with him, who stood in the background. Grossmann wants to get violent on a parking lot, but the young ladies (one is a disguised gentleman) attack him, steal his wallet. Escorted by motorcycle accomplices, the young gangsters chase back to the sleeping city. Once again, the Panther gang has struck.

In the Splendid Salon, a jukebox pub, the robbers are already expected by friends: by Rudi, Otto, Willi, the pale-faced 'Professor' and by the head of the gang, the brutal, intelligent son of a doctor Werner Maurer.

During another raid, the fairground tenant Streichan is robbed. Rudi is seriously injured, Werner's father patches up the young gangster again.

In the meantime, the 'professor' has taken a test of courage. But Robert, too soft for this business, has once again failed and is cut by the others. Robert wants to leave - he loves Inge. Both want to start a new life in West Germany. Criminal assistant Thiel wants to help the homeless girl to a proper identity card for the departure.

Werner also wants to emigrate with his father and girlfriend Ellen - only one last thing is to be shot: Robbery of the ticket office of the public transport company. Everyone is there, only Robert is missing - he doesn't want any more and informs the police. The area is surrounded, but the gang can escape. Robert confesses his treason and is to be killed.

Dull is the shot, Robert is in his blood. The gang is paralyzed with horror. They stare at the one whose life they senselessly destroyed - and at the 'professor' whom they turned into a murderer. Panic-stricken fear seizes everyone, and suddenly the young people seduced by a criminal recognize the madness of their past life. Their fear turns into hatred of Werner. But with cowardly cynicism her cocky boss rejects all responsibility for this crime. Werner lets his father go, but for Robert every help comes too late. Doctor Maurer himself calls the police.

Article properties: Various / Martin Böttcher: Marina - Am Tag als der Regen kam (CD)

Böttcher, Martin - Marina - Am Tag als der Regen kam (CD) CD 1
01 Marina GRANATA, Rocco
02 Ich will keine Schokolade HERR, Trude
03 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom... BOETTCHER, Martin
04 Penny-Melodie JAN & KJELD
05 Modell 1910 CHOR
06 Red River Rock BOETTCHER, Martin
07 Marina CHOR
08 Buona Sera GILDO, Rex
09 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom... BOETTCHER, Martin
10 Tingelingeling mein Banjo singt JAN & KJELD
11 Germania GRANATA, Rocco
12 Ich will keine Schokolade BOETTCHER, Martin
13 Ich möcht so gern in Texas sein GABRIELE
14 Ein Sonntag ohne dich GILDO, Rex
15 Red River Rock BOETTCHER, Martin
16 Ein Italiano GRANATA, Rocco
18 Marina BOETTCHER, Martin
19 Lied der Einsamkeit HOLM, Renate
20 Introduktion BOETTCHER, Martin
21 Am Tag, als der Regen kam DALIDA
22 Moskitos BOETTCHER, Martin
23 Heisse Nacht BOETTCHER, Martin
24 Kirmes BOETTCHER, Martin
25 Charlie Brown BLUM, Hans
26 Illusion BOETTCHER, Martin
27 Aloha Oe VAUGHN, Billy
28 Kino Swing BOETTCHER, Martin
29 Heute geh' ich nicht nach Haus BENDIX, Ralf
30 Am Tag, als der Regen kam BOETTCHER, Martin
31 Illusion BOETTCHER, Martin
32 Charlie Brown BOETTCHER, Martin
33 Finale BOETTCHER, Martin
MARTIN BÖTTCHER  With his music he has undoubtedly written a chapter of German... more
"Various / Martin Böttcher"


With his music he has undoubtedly written a chapter of German film history. Since the fifties he has been composing music that sometimes calms, sometimes creates tension, sometimes makes a beautiful landscape even more beautiful (as with Karl May). It is only thanks to a lucky coincidence that Martin Böttcher, who actually wanted to become a test pilot, came to the music.

Martin Böttcher, born on 17 June 1927 in Berlin, acquired his first musical knowledge at an early age through piano lessons. Even though he was born with musical talent - one of his great-grandfathers was Hofkapellmeister in Weimar - his first passion is flying, his goal is to become a pilot. At the age of 14 he obtained his first gliding licence A-, B-, C- and Luftfahrerscheine Class 1 and 2. Not quite 17 years old, he is trained in military service by the German Air Force for the'comet hunter'. However, there is no longer an operation: "Since flying had to be stopped prematurely due to a lack of fuel, I never flew an operation."

During his captivity as a prisoner of war Martin Böttcher succeeds in organizing a guitar, which in itself is an achievement under the given circumstances. He teaches himself to play the guitar using the do-it-yourself method. "But I came to music because I couldn't fly after the war and then had to indulge in my hobby - that was the music. "I was actually a pilot and I wanted to be a test pilot after the war."

Böttcher starts his musical career in the dance and entertainment orchestra of the former Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk, which is even mentioned with respect in big-band England. In the orchestra newly formed by conductor Willi Steiner, one of his colleagues also becomes bassist Hans'James' Last. "I joined NWDR very early on - at the age of 18 as the youngest musician - and started there as a guitarist. I also studied with General Music Director Richard Richter and Kurt Wege. That was my teacher in the field of entertainment or jazz." The preferred genre of music is jazz. "I was all on that track, I made it to number two in the German Jazz Poll as a guitarist."


In 1950 the'soundbastler' Martin Böttcher recorded the first guitar trick recordings in Germany, whereby the guitar replaced an entire orchestra. He also writes arrangements, for example for the whistling Ilse Werner the Leroy Anderson piece Sleigh Ride. "I arranged the recording under insane circumstances back then. There were two titles, and I didn't get to bed for 56 hours. There was only one old shellac record by Leroy Anderson, on which you could hardly hear anything except the melody and some secondary voices. It was a hard learning object."

Two years later, he switched from music stand to sketch paper, before making his first contacts with the film industry. "I had a friend who was a dramaturg at the UFA; one day he recommended me to a producer who actually worked for the newsreel but was about to make a documentary for the Federal Ministry of Finance."

The first film music for the military satire'Der Hauptmann und sein Held' was written in 1955: "I was very impressed by the film because we had a good book and good actors. The critics were full of praise, and the film helped me a lot."

Böttcher's second film music then became a milestone in German film. Georg Tressler's'Die Halbstarken' (1956) become a huge success. Martin Böttcher's formation'Mister Martin's Band' includes top German jazz musicians such as Horst Fischer (tp), Fatty George (cl), Werner Baumgart (as), Werner Twardy (p), Cornelis op den Zieken (p), Rolf Ahrens (dr), Bill Grah (vib) or Ernst Mosch (tb) and Hans Last (b). "That was very appealing in that the producer actually wanted to buy titles in America, which he then wanted to use in the film. I said,'This costs a lot of money - give us the money, I'll get the right guys, and then we'll make music that's the same.'" The music was recorded in September 1956 in Hamburg. "We were a fun team and had a lot of fun - and we played good music." The music palette with its jazzy jewels need not shy away from comparison with American models.

The East German film factory DEFA produces the film'Spielbankaffäre' with a Swedish co-producer and Martin Böttcher provides the necessary background for the crime play on loan to the Scandinavians. In Berlin and Leipzig the music is recorded with East and West German soloists. On this occasion, he meets Wolfgang Rademann, who then paves the way for Böttcher to enter the German film industry.

The topic of youth issues is also discussed in'Endstation Liebe' (1958), whereby the music once again reflects the spirit of the times, such as the Bounce Groggy. Hildegard Knef later takes over the main theme and sings Nur ein kurzes Jahr. During these years, further recordings beyond film music were made. One example is the vocal title Merci, Monpti, sung by Romy Schneider. "The Ariola production manager, Horst Fuchs, had the idea for this project. The whole thing was made after the film. (Note: The music for the film'Monpti' is by Bernhard Eichhorn.) The recordings took place on a terribly grey day in Vienna. Romy Schneider was pretty depressed - because of all the'Sissi' hustle. Later I saw her again on Sylt."

Martin Böttcher writes three songs for the great Hans Albers: Mein Junge, halten die Füße still, Es egal und Ich komm' mir wie Winnetou (a first encounter with Karl May) for the film'13 kleine Esel und der Sonnenhof' (1958, director: Hans Deppe). "A special experience for me was that Hans Albers was an unheard-of personality that fascinated me enormously, and he was incredibly kind to me. It was like a warm bath to work with him, although he was generally a rather strict person. He was really great." The music is recorded with studio musicians in Hamburg, the vocal recordings with Hans Albers are also made in the Studio Hamburg.

Marina' (1960) is the name of one of the hit films of that time from Artur Brauner's successful forge. The title is already program enough, Martin Böttcher contributes `only' arrangements of well-known hit melodies for this production. From today's perspective, however, the crowd of'singing' actors, ranging from boxer legend Gustav'Bubi' Scholz, Rocco Granata, Hannelore Elsner or Renate Holm to Rex Gildo, is already impressive.

Martin Böttcher Grosse deutsche Filmkomponisten Vol.1

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Böttcher, Martin - Marina - Am Tag als der Regen kam (CD) CD 1
01 Marina
02 Ich will keine Schokolade
03 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom...
04 Penny-Melodie
05 Modell 1910
06 Red River Rock
07 Marina
08 Buona Sera
09 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom...
10 Tingelingeling mein Banjo singt
11 Germania
12 Ich will keine Schokolade
13 Ich möcht so gern in Texas sein
14 Ein Sonntag ohne dich
15 Red River Rock
16 Ein Italiano
17 Buona Sera
18 Marina
19 Lied der Einsamkeit
20 Introduktion
21 Am Tag, als der Regen kam
22 Moskitos
23 Heisse Nacht
24 Kirmes
25 Charlie Brown
26 Illusion
27 Aloha Oe
28 Kino Swing
29 Heute geh' ich nicht nach Haus
30 Am Tag, als der Regen kam
31 Illusion
32 Charlie Brown
33 Finale