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Gerd Böttcher Tanz' noch einmal Rock'n'Roll mit mir

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Nachdem Bear Family Records bereits zwei CDs von Gerd Böttcher veröffentlicht hat, die seine... more

Gerd Böttcher: Tanz' noch einmal Rock'n'Roll mit mir

Nachdem Bear Family Records bereits zwei CDs von Gerd Böttcher veröffentlicht hat, die seine Karriere von 1960 bis 1966 beleuchten, wird auf der nun vorliegenden Zusammenstellung das letzte Kapitel seiner musikalischen Laufbahn aufgeschlagen. Diese Veröffentlichung markiert den Schlusspunkt der Böttcher-CD-Trilogie auf Bear Family und dokumentiert den Zeitraum von 1967 bis 1976, in dem der Sänger bei verschiedenen Plattenfirmen unter Vertrag stand. Während er für Hansa anfangs noch Charterfolge einfahren konnte, waren seine Plattenumsätze bei Metronome und Electrola eher rückläufig. Ein Auftritt in der ZDF-Hitparade brachte 1969 nochmals einen kurzen Karriereaufschwung, für ein Comeback reichte es jedoch nicht. Neben Long John Baldrys Nr.-1-Hit von 1967, 'Let The Heartaches Begin', in deutscher Fassung, bietet die vorliegende CD durchweg gut produzierten Schlager. Die meisten Titel sind inzwischen Raritäten. Und stimmlich ist Gerd Böttcher hier so überzeugend wie zu seinen Glanzzeiten. Gerd Böttcher verstarb am 26. Februar 1985.

Article properties: Gerd Böttcher: Tanz' noch einmal Rock'n'Roll mit mir

  • Interpret: Gerd Böttcher

  • Album titlle: Tanz' noch einmal Rock'n'Roll mit mir

  • Genre Schlager und Volksmusik

  • Label Bear Family Records

  • Preiscode AH
  • Artikelart CD

  • EAN: 4000127167668

  • weight in Kg 0.115
Böttcher, Gerd - Tanz' noch einmal Rock'n'Roll mit mir CD 1
01 Tanz noch einmal Rock 'n' Roll mit mir Gerd Böttcher
02 Regenbogen Gerd Böttcher
03 Roses For You Gerd Böttcher
04 Sag' mir noch nicht gute Nacht Gerd Böttcher
05 Wenn die Sehnsucht beginnt (Let The...) Gerd Böttcher
06 Jeder Tag ein neuer Morgen Gerd Böttcher
07 Heute ist alles so wunderbar Gerd Böttcher
08 Die beste Währung der Welt Gerd Böttcher
09 Halt dich fest! Gerd Böttcher
10 Rock 'n' Roll Boogie Gerd Böttcher
11 Eine Rose aus deinem Garten Gerd Böttcher
12 Ein Herz mit Telefon Gerd Böttcher
13 Der Gassenhauer Gerd Böttcher
14 Schenk mir dein Herz als Souvenir Gerd Böttcher
15 Einmal trägst du meinen Namen Gerd Böttcher
16 Bei Elisabeth Gerd Böttcher
17 Irgendwo in Mexico Gerd Böttcher
18 Wenn sich der Wind auch dreht Gerd Böttcher
19 Romantische Stunden Gerd Böttcher
20 Wo fängt die Liebe an Gerd Böttcher
21 Ein ganzes Jahr Gerd Böttcher
22 Mein sechster Sinn Gerd Böttcher
23 Wer wird denn weinen Gerd Böttcher
24 Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten Gerd Böttcher
25 Ich danke dir Gerd Böttcher
26 Einsames Mädchen Gerd Böttcher
27 Das darf doch nicht wahr sein Gerd Böttcher
28 Wer hat die Liebe erfunden Gerd Böttcher
29 Mona Lisa Gerd Böttcher
30 Schöne Helena Gerd Böttcher
31 Grand Prix Gerd Böttcher
32 Mambola Gerd Böttcher
GERD BÖTTCHER In the early 60s Gerd Böttcher was one of the most successful... more
"Gerd Böttcher"


In the early 60s Gerd Böttcher was one of the most successful and popular singers on the German hit market. With his debut single Jambalaya the likeable Berliner made it into the charts. Before Werner Müller discovered him for the record, he had been playing in Berlin clubs for years and had occasionally worked as a singer in Hans Karbe's orchestra. From now on, however, it happened one after the other. With titles like Adieu, Farewell, Goodbye, A Dozen and're Men or For Gaby I do everything he earned money like hay. That was one of his greatest hits. Including Böttcher's duet recordings with Detlef Engel, he brought more than 20 titles to the charts from 1960 to 1967, including six top 10 hits.

But like so many record stars, Gerd Böttcher's career is going up and down. Already in the mid-sixties the sales figures of his singles leave much to be desired. Hard times are dawning for the former guarantor of success, who seemed to have leased the success. Even international hit parade racers by Roy Orbison or Tom Jones, which he sings in German, prove to be flops. Decca, where he was signed at that time, now has a new driving force with Drafi Deutscher and is no longer interested in a further cooperation with Böttcher.

After two years of abstinence from hit parades, Gerd Böttcher was almost forgotten. With the 1966 beat hit Schenk mir dein Vertrauen, which the Polydor released, Gerd Böttcher was able to achieve another sales success. But the next record is hardly noticed by the record buyers, and the company refrains from further releases.

But with only 30 years Gerd Böttcher is far from old iron, especially since he is still an excellent singer.

Berlin's Hansa - founded in the mid-sixties by brothers Peter and Thomas Meisel - concentrates primarily on young up-and-coming talent, but Gerd Böttcher also gets a new chance here. From now on the composer and arranger Dieter Zimmermann takes care of him. He is several years younger than Böttcher and can just record his first major hit parade successes as a lyricist, e.g. for Rex Gildo. Under the pseudonym Cliff Carpenter he also releases instrumental versions of well-known hits for the LP series'Hits For Dancing'.

In selecting suitable titles for Gerd Böttcher, he takes a step in a new direction, because he realizes that his voice is made for emotion and romance. Although this genre is already very profitably served by Germany's pop idol Roy Black, Böttcher has also found a new recipe for success with this orientation for the time being.

In August 1967 Sag mir noch nicht Gute Nacht entered the bestseller lists and reached number 25, and in the same year he was awarded another chart rating with Romantic Hours. But then even the soft wave will hardly make a commercial contribution. Not even with Long John Baldrys ballad Let The Heartaches Begin, which was a No.1 success in Great Britain and in the German version When the longing begins means he can conquer a place in the hit lists.

However, Gerd Böttcher is not an isolated case. Other hit stars, who celebrated great success at the beginning of the 60s, are no better. Whether Bill Ramsey, Gus Backus or Billy Mo - they all still release records, but have long since ceased to play a role in sales statistics and merely live off their former glory. And yet they are all waiting to be lucky again with the right song at the right time.

When his contract with Hansa is not extended after five singles, Gerd Böttcher does not have to take a compulsory break this time. Dieter Zimmermann continues to look after him and as a man with many contacts he finds a new record company in Hamburg's Metronome. You experiment a little, try singing along with mood numbers like Der Gassenhauer or Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten, but then switch to modern pop songs.

Reason: Most of the record buyers are recruited from young people, and the singer is now performing in many discotheques. Most of the titles are written by Zimmermann himself, but aspiring authors such as Giorgio Moroder or Chris Juwens also provide the interpreter with contemporary pop creations. The Metronome even manages to get Gerd Böttcher into the popular ZDF hit parade. For the singer, who has been neglected by television for years, this is finally a glimmer of hope again. On October 18, 1969 he presents his current title Grand Prix to Dieter Thomas Heck. However, the competition is fierce, because other new introductions include renowned colleagues such as Rex Gildo, Vicky and Peggy March. And Chris, the darlings of the audience at the time.

Walter Hilbrecht

Gerd Böttcher Pretty Woman
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