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Bob And Earl. Despite their 20 years of activity in the R&B field, Bobby Relf and Earl Nelson are still best known for `Harlem Shuffle', a shrill fat discotheque hit which reached the American Top Fifty on Marc in 1963 and the British Top Ten in 1969. Originally, however, 'Bob' was Bobby Byrd (alias Bobby Day of `Rockin' Robin' fame). He met Nelson when the latter joined Byrd's well-established group, the Hollywood Flames, in 1957. After recording as Bob and Earl for Class (1957-9), Byrd was replaced by Relf, and the duo con-tinued to record prolifically for Chene, Tempe (Don't Ever Leave Me', a small hit in 1962), Loma and Mirwood. Since 1954, Relf, who wrote Love Unlimited's 1974 hit, 'Walking In The Rain', has also recorded for Flair, Cash, Dot and (as Bobby Garrett) Mirwood. Nelson cut solo sides for Class Ebb, Mira (as Earl Cosby), Keyman, Mirwood (for exam-ple, 'The Duck', which he recorded under the name of Jackie Lee, reached the Top Twenty in 1965) and, as Jay Dee, for Warner Bros. in 1973. Nelson also sang lead on the Hollywood Flames' hit of 1957, 'Buzz Buzz Buzz'.

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