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Clint Black: Greatest Hits
Art-Nr.: CDRCA66671

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(2015/RCA) 16 tracks

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Clint Black: Put Yourself In My Shoes
Art-Nr.: CDCOL9540

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CD on COLLECTABLE RECORDS by Clint Black - Put Yourself In My Shoes

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Clint Black: On Purpose
Art-Nr.: CDBTRR65982

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(2015/Black Top) 14 tracks, his thenth studio album and the first one since 2005! Clint Black already sold 20 million albums worldwide, has won several awards and is one of the most successful artist in the contemporary Country Music field!

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Clint Black: No Time To Kill
Art-Nr.: CDCOL9539

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(2004/COL) 10 tracks, originals 1993

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Clint Black: Triple Feature (3-CD Softpack)
Art-Nr.: CD755527

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(2009/SONY) 30 tracks 1989-1994

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Clint Black: When I Said I Do
Art-Nr.: CDCB20652

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(2013/Cracker Barrel) 14 tracks

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Clint Black: All American Country
Art-Nr.: CDCOL8433

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(2006/COLLECTABLES) 10 tracks RCA 1989-2001

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