That'll Flat Git It Vol. 31 - Rockabilly & Rock & Roll from the Vaults of Colonial Records


Wild work from one of the most obscure labels featured in this series so far – the tiny Colonial Records imprint from Chapel Hill, NC – the company who first pressed comedy records by a young Andy Griffith, but also did some great rockabilly as well! The Colonial style is nicely different from better-known companies in Memphis and Louisiana – and the tunes often seem to have an equal balance country bop and early rock – maybe a few steps behind some of the other scenes at the time, but in a way that really gives their singles a heck of a lot of charm! The songs are incredibly well-produced almost feeling like offbeat songs from the Columbia studios at times, but maybe with a bit more bite – and given that Colonial cuts have hardly been reissued over the years, there's a huge amount here to discover. CD features 34 tracks in all, with very detailed notes – and titles include "Somebody Sweet" and "Sittin In The Balcony" by Johnny Dee, "Wake Up" and "So Real" by The Franklin Brothers, "If You Don't Know" and "I've Got A Secret" by George Hamilton IV, "Runaway Lover" by Grady Lewis, "Birddoggin" by Bill Craddock & The Blue Notes, "Mountain Dew Rock" by Hoke Simpson, "Little Blue Eyes" and "Ugh Ugh Ugh" by EC Beatty, "The Battle" by Joe Tanner, "The Oriental Shake" by The Goldtones, and "That's All I've Got" by Ebe Sneezer & The Epidemics.

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