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Truly Historic Box Set At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight Features Previously Unheard Recordings From Hank Sr, Elvis, Cash & More

Album: At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight
Label: Bear Family Records
Release date: October 20, 2017

In the annals of country music history, only one show rivals the importance of The Grand Ole Opry. For more than two decades, the Louisiana Hayride radio show was a Saturday night staple for music lovers, broadcast by Shreveport, Louisiana’s KWKH-AM from 1948-
1960. While the Opry favored established Nashville stars, Hayride offered headliners and newcomers alike an opportunity to perform. It was this policy that led Hayride to say “yes” to a young singer from Tupelo, Mississippi after the Opry said “no.” That singer, Elvis Presley, debuted on the show in October 1954 and later made his first TV appearance on the television version in March 1955. 

Now an amazing and truly historic collection of 20 CD's and a 200+ page book featuring more than 25 hours of music will be forthcoming on October 20. This unprecedented collection includes rare performances from stars like Presley, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Kitty Wells, George Jones, and Webb Pierce, as well as a previously unknown Hank Williams recording that you can listen to HERE.

The compilation has been constructed in chronological sequence. Throughout the 20 discs songs are interspersed with the Louisiana Hayride theme tune (“…we’re gonna have a wonderful time…”), and with show announcements, intros, ads, comedy routines, and even mistakes, giving listeners a real sense of what it was like to hear the show on the radio, or to have plunked down your 60¢ (or 30¢ for children) for a ticket to watch it live in Shreveport’s Municipal Auditorium. One of these stage announcements, in fact, is the old-time emcee Horace Logan making the now-famous proclamation that “Elvis has left the building.” 
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