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Then there's no better way to spend £200 plus than on this magnificent 20CD boxset celebrating the history of The Louisiana Hayride radio show, with a 25 hour run time and no less than 559 tracks. Staged live in Shreveport, the Hayride featured national country music stars, soon-to-be legends, regional break-outs, and talented newcomers. This fine box includes previously unknown recordings by Hank Williams, the earliest recordings by Elvis Presley, and a who's who of country music from the 50s to the 60s, encompassing hillbilly, rockabilly, country, and more. The package includes a 224-page hardcover book (LP sized), and all tracks have been fabulously restored. No less than 167 artists are included, and even the regular backing band on cuts included future solo stars like drummer DJ Fontana, guitarist James Burton and pianist Floyd Cramer, all of whom went on to work with Elvis Presley. This is a beautiful artefact to both see and hear. Congrats to all concerned on this wonderful venture.

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