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Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
NEXT STOP IS VIETNAM: The sound of history being debated | Elsewhere by Graham Reid
Preview track Jan Berry: The Universal Coward

On Christmas Day 1969, at age 18, I flew in to Saigon. It was 10 months after the Tet Offensive which saw Vietcong soldiers at the door of the American embassy in Saigon and the war was at a peak. I went to Vietnam because I was curious . . . and because could.
In fact, surprisingly, anyone could.
Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, was on PanAm’s regular route -- PA001 if I recall. But there was an obvious reason why most people wouldn’t want to go.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
So what we have here is not just a jolly selection of gallows humour music and doom-mongering from the likes of The Doors and Pete Seeger but a complete cultural record of the ordinary people who put their thoughts into song; direct, affective, often devastating but always riveting. An incredible production.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
Davanti all’indignazione della guerra tutti inorridiamo. Nell’epoca dei grandi movimenti, dell’eclettismo, delle speranze, del mondo che (ci si augurava) andava cambiando in meglio però c’era - e purtroppo ancora c’è - chi quelle guerra, qualsiasi guerra, la viveva e la vive sulla pelle.


Press Archive - Next Stop Is Vietnam -
Det tyske plateselskapet Bear Family Records er kjent for å ta på seg antologisering av musikk det skal bjørnekrefter til for å gjennomføre. Det spørs om ikke selskapet overgår seg selv med utgivel- sen av «...Next Stop is Vietnam: The War on Record: 1961–2008».
I 1963 fikk countrysange- ren Bob Necaise en hit med sangen «Mr. Where is Viet- Nam». Necaise skrev sangen på ti minutter og fikk den fem år gamle sønnen til tromme- slageren i bandet sitt, The Delta Sho-Men, til å bidra med det essensielle spørsmå- let, altså «Hvor er Vietnam?».