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Bastard Sons Of Cavan

Bastard Son Of Cavan are Stevie "Wild Card" Kincaide (Hollerin' an twangin'), Ritchie "The Claw" McLaren (Slappin' an hollerin') and Christian "One Beat" Carpenter (Bangin' an shoutin'). A bunch of Rockabilly punks that hail from Durham City, United Kingdom. Their style: Oldschool Psychobilly.

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Masks, Megaphones & Mayhem! (CD)
Bastard Sons Of Cavan: Masks, Megaphones & Mayhem! (CD) Art-Nr.: CDWSRC109

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(2017/Western Star) 13 Tracks - UK Oldschool Psychobilly! Third album of the Durham City Rockabilly Punks!