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American cinema loved blondes, especially when they could sing. It was the art of coordinating Lied and Leading Lady in the film - perfectly successful with Marilyn Monroe. At Doris Day, too, image, film roles and songs could be brought down to a common denominator: Always a bit stuffy, but not completely without it. Finally, Grace Kelly was to embody the young beauty that ultimately finds fulfillment in marriage even before her much-noticed marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco. The blondes were also top hits in the American pop parade in 1956. The films in which Doris Day and Grace Kelly had sung their songs developed into box-office hits worldwide. Of course, that the German record companies could not miss such an opportunity.


Even if there was no blonde at hand. Teldec now saw another chance for Lys Assia, who had already passed the zenith of her success. Approaching Doris Day should have been no problem for the Swiss of the same age. The song Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) from the Hitchcock movie'The Man Who Knew Too Much' was also not far from her repertoire. Werner Cyprys (see Friedel Hensch, below) rewrote the text close to the original, and so Lys Assia could ask according to the 1950s philosophy: "What can be nicer, much nicer than fame and money? In the film'Die oberen Zehntausend' (The Top Ten Thousand), which was released in 1957 in the Federal Republic of Germany, there is sufficient fame and money. So the story is all the more about love, about True Love - a song Cole Porter had contributed. The ingenious Porter, who had created such frivolous pieces as Let's Do It, sank here in kitsch. And German text writer Heinz Woezel (born 23 August 1914 in Berlin, died 26 April 1985 in Wiesbaden, pseudonym: Glando), of whom we and Arrivederci, Roma also come from the blue mountains, drew the same with the original: "It's grey too, you know very well, I only have your love in the world alone".


The wedding song that Grace Kelly languished with Bing Crosby was performed by Lys Assia without a partner. Her German versions of Que Sera, Sera and True Love were bought by the generation who had not understood the lyrics of the American recordings. After Was kann schöner sein and Deine Liebe she once again created a sales success with an American hit, When the bells ring brightly (The Three Bells). In the film of the same name, however, Teddy Reno sang the hit. At the height of her career the press found names for Lys Assia, which were appropriate for her residence'Casa Assia' on Lake M

aggiore:'Lady Lys','Grand Dame','Schlager-Primadonna'. Only a short footpath separated her house built with granite from the St. Gotthard from her own beach at the lake. She herself fit seamlessly into this framework. "She celebrated her hits", wrote'Film und Frau' - and: "It's obvious to a singer like Lys Assia that she finds too hot rock'n' roll'shocking'". On the German hit market it was therefore always classified near Vico Torriani. Like Vico, the roots of Rosa Mina Schärer's career - the real name of Lys Assia - lie in the shellac era. The'Rösli' was born on 2 March 1924 in the Swiss canton of Aargau.


Her mother gave her classes at a ballet school, but her father insisted on a decent job, which she found in a hairdresser's shop. From her wages she financed her singing training and recorded her first records in 1942. She chose the stage name Lys Assia herself before achieving national and international success. Her international career began in 1946 when she came to Paris with an orchestra via Spain. There she stood in for the ill Josephine Baker and finally got an engagement at the Olympia concert hall. Their Swiss record company Decca had helped them a lot. With O my dad, who she took in 1949 in Zurich, she became internationally known. Vico Torriani had recommended the German audience to her. "I came at the right moment," she told the'Stern' in 2004. "Everything was destroyed, people were hungry for something beautiful, wanted to live again, believe in the future." In 1951, after a trip to the USA, she went into the studio for Teldec in Hamburg. Of course she was also engaged for music films like'Schlagerparade'. In 1953 she took in the Swedish girl in Hamburg-Harburg, in 1954 the Dutch girls followed, and in 1955 the Swiss girl joined.


And then she sent the French girl Jolie Jacqueline, who was actually living with the Louisiana Cajuns. At the beginning of the 60s Lys Assia once again made an excursion abroad with La Golondrina and The Stars of Syracuse. Shortly thereafter, the singers

Lys Assia O mein Papa

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O mein Papa
Lys Assia: O mein Papa Art-Nr.: BCD15866

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1-CD with 20-page booklet, 28 tracks. Playing time approx. 76 mns.
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Die Sterne von Syrakus
Lys Assia: Die Sterne von Syrakus Art-Nr.: BCD15867

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Schweizer Mädel
Lys Assia: Schweizer Mädel Art-Nr.: BCD16108

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1-CD with 12-page booklet, 28 single titles. Playing time approx. 78 minutes. With the third hit CD by Lys Assia Bear Family ends the trilogy of her musical career. In the mid-fifties, the Swiss with her unmistakable voice is the female...
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Bel Ami - 50 große Erfolge (2-CD)
Lys Assia: Bel Ami - 50 große Erfolge (2-CD) Art-Nr.: CD2087065

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(2014/Music Tales) 50 tracks 2-CD 1951-1962
Lys Assia (CD)
Lys Assia: Lys Assia (CD) Art-Nr.: CD064655

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(Disky) 20 tracks
Was kann schöner sein (2-CD)
ASSIA, Lys: Was kann schöner sein (2-CD) Art-Nr.: CD8061940

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(Music Tales) 50 tracks. Lys Assia was born in Switzerland in 1924. First appearances as a singer followed in France. In the forties Lys Assia got her first record contract. After the war she made her first tours abroad and even got the...
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Sehnsucht nach Dir
Lys Assia: Sehnsucht nach Dir Art-Nr.: CDVM95013

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(2003/VANDANGO) 13 Titel - Neuaufnahmen
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Hits Und Raritäten (4-CD)
Lys Assia: Hits Und Raritäten (4-CD) Art-Nr.: CD333051

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(Membran) 64 tracks