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History has proven Eddy Arnold to be the first modern country artist to enjoy long-term popularity in the American mass market. In the years immediately after World War II, he emerged with a sincere, unadorned vocal delivery and became a palatable talent for many who had previously shunned the country style. His work would have important ramifications when country music purposely strove for the pop markets in the late 1950s and 1960s. When country music producers Chet Atkins and Owen Bradley responded to the threat of rock and roll and began recording with an eye for a wider audience, they found that Eddy had opened a passage for them. Mass audiences accepted the country-pop performances of Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline beginning in the late 1950s because those audiences had first accepted Eddy Arnold in the 1940s. He built the first wide bridge between country music and mass, urban markets. “If we got into a city, I would do better than the other guys who just did bluegrass or something,” recalled Arnold of his shows in St. Louis and other such urban markets.“I had a following in the cities. I guess it was my style.”

In performing in the style of his heroes Bing Crosby and Gene Autry, the ‘Tennessee Plowboy’ also created a unique place for himself in the world of country music. He added a new connotation to the term ‘country music’, demonstrating more effectively than anybody that the country market would accept a singer who eschewed the nasal sound so prevalent in the voices of Ernest Tubb and Hank Snow. To be sure, artists like Red Foley and Jimmy Wakely speared many country hits with their straight, full-throated vocal styles, but Eddy Arnold stood out in the sweet-singing camp. In the late 1940s, he shattered the country charts with innocent expressions of love and hurt in numbers such as Anytime and Bouquet Of Roses, becoming the top country crooner of the era. Legends such as Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams may have exacted more influence than Eddy Arnold on country music’s current-day sound and image, but Arnold proved to be more popular. From 1945 to 1983, one hundred and forty-five Eddy Arnold songs reached the country charts. Such a run of hits will probably never be repeated.

Excerpts from the booklet BCD15726- Eddy Arnold - The Tennessee Plowboy Read more at: Copyright © Bear Family Records

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Eddy Arnold: Cattle Call
Art-Nr.: BCD15441

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1-CD with 16-page booklet, 25 tracks. Playing time approx. 67 mns. In 1959, RCA Nashville producer-guitarist Chet Atkins brought Jimmie Driftwood's ‘Tennessee Stud’ to Eddy Arnold and gave 'The Tennessee Plowboy' his first major hit in three years. That success,...

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Eddy Arnold: The Tennessee Plowboy (5-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD15726

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5-CD box (LP-size) with 40-page book, 120 tracks. Playing time approx. 331 mns. Eddy Arnold 's earliest recordings are among the greatest and rarest recordings in modern country music. Between 1944 and 1950, Eddy Arnold established an entirely new style of...

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Eddy Arnold: There's Been A Change (7-CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD16538

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7-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 48-page book, 166 tracks. Playing time approx. 432 mns. All of Eddy Arnold 's 1951-1955 recordings available for the first time ever in one collection! The roots of Eddy Arnold's popular country-politan sound! This boxed set contains...

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Eddy Arnold: Tears Broke Out On Me
Art-Nr.: BCD17205

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1-CD-Album DigiPac (4-plated) with 44-page booklet, 33 tracks. Playing time approx. 79 minutes. Features 'Nashville Sound' recordings by the most successful balladeer in country music history - nearly all unavailable for a half-century. Includes 30 stunning tracks...

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Eddy Arnold: Each Road I Take - The 1970 Lee Hazlewood & Chet Atkins Sessions (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRGM0481

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(2016/Real Gone) 27 tracks with 16 page booklet. The countrypolitan crooner Richard Edward Arnold - better known as Eddy Arnold - scored 147 U.S. chart hits between 1945 and 2008, sold over 85 million records, and earned inductions into the Country Music Hall of...

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Eddy Arnold: Pure Gold (CD, US Longbox, Cut-Out)
Art-Nr.: CDRCA58398

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CD Special Edition on RCA USA RECORDS by Eddy Arnold - Pure Gold (CD, US Longbox, Cut-Out)

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Eddy Arnold: Memories Are Made Of This (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD526879

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ARNOLD, Eddy: Lassoes 'n' Spurs (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD17232

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Eddy Arnold: When It's Round-Up Time In Heaven - The Great Gospel Recordings (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRGM0576

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(2017/Real Gone) 20 tracks - The Gospel sides of Eddy Arnold

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Eddy Arnold: Country Songs I Love To Sing - Eddy's Songs
Art-Nr.: CDCOL7308

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CD on COLLECTABLE RECORDS by Eddy Arnold - Country Songs I Love To Sing - Eddy's Songs

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Eddy Arnold: Michael D. Freda: Discography 1944-1996
Art-Nr.: 0001015

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English, Clothbound/Leineneinband, 16x23.5, 346 pages

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Eddy Arnold: That's How Much I Love You - More Eddy
Art-Nr.: CDCOL7313

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CD on COLLECTABLE RECORDS by Eddy Arnold - That's How Much I Love You - More Eddy

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Eddy Arnold: Let's Make Memories - One More Time (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJAS3690

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(2016/Jasmine) 24 Tracks - Reissue of his two 1962 RCA Victor albums! 

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Eddy Arnold: Complete Original #1 Hits
Art-Nr.: CDRGM0081

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(2013/Real Gone) 28 #1 hits from the Tennessee Plowboy in their original mixes!(2013/Real Gone) 28 tracks

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ARNOLD, Eddy: Michael Streissgut:Pioneer Of Nashville Sound
Art-Nr.: 0001029

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(1997/Uni.Mississippi) English, Paperback, 15x23 cm, 330 pages, rare b&w photos.

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