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Singer/songwriter/pianist born in Lubbock, Texas in 1943.  His debut album, 'Juarez', was released on the Fate label in 1976.


Maybellene [as 'Whatever Happened To Jesus And Maybellene'] (4:36) 1980  

45: Fate 1001 ● USA, 1980 (picture sleeve)
LP: Smokin' The Dummy [Fate 2] ● USA, 1980
CD: Smokin' The Dummy / Bloodlines [Sugar Hill SHCD-1057] ● USA, 1994

Album recorded July-August 1980 at Caldwell Studios, Lubbock, Texas.  All songs are by Allen except this one – probably the most unusual version ever of this Berry classic.  It starts off with a self-composed ditty, 'Whatever happened to Jesus and where did that good ole boy go?' (plus a few more lines), followed by 'Whatever happened to Mary? Whatever happened to her sweet dreams? Did she leave them behind with her childhood or just trade 'em in on a tube of Maybelline? Ahhh, Maybellene why can't you be true...' and so on.  I like that.  Allen really did make his own unique version of the song without copying anyone else!

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Juarez - A Concept Album Terry Allen: Juarez - A Concept Album Art-Nr.: CDSH1077

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(2004/SUGAR HILL) 17 tracks Ein Konzeptalbum, welches das alte und das neue Amerika kritisch behandelt. Eine Mischung aus Liedern und Spoken Words. Sehr zu Empfehlen./ A concept album from a critical view about the old and the new...
Bottom Of The World (2012) Terry Allen: Bottom Of The World (2012) Art-Nr.: CDTLA44

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(2012/ALLEN) 11 tracks (42:01) digipac.
Juarez (CD) Terry Allen: Juarez (CD) Art-Nr.: CDPOB26

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(Paradise Of Bachelors) 15 Tracks - 48-page booklet - The legendary Texas artist Terry Allen occupies a unique position between country music and visual art; he has worked with artists as diverse as Guy Clark, David Byrne and Lucinda...
Pedal Steel & Four Corners (LP & 3-CD plus Book & Download, Ltd.) Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band: Pedal Steel & Four Corners (LP & 3-CD plus Book... Art-Nr.: LPPOB045

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(Paradise of Bachelors) 7 Tracks (more than 2 hours!) - Gatefold cover - Terry Allen: ''People tell me it's country music, and I ask, which country?'' - Legendary Texan artist Terry Allen occupies a unique position straddling the...
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