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Peter Alexander Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD)

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  • CD333006
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(Membran) 138 tracks more

Peter Alexander: Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD)

(Membran) 138 tracks

Article properties: Peter Alexander: Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD)

  • Interpret: Peter Alexander

  • Album titlle: Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD)

  • Genre Schlager und Volksmusik

  • Label MEMBRAN

  • Artikelart CD

  • EAN: 0885150333006

  • weight in Kg 0.5
Alexander, Peter - Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD) CD 1
01 Das Machen Nur Die Beine Von Dolores [Das Tu Ich Alles Aus Liebe] Peter Alexander
02 Ich Lade Dich Ein In Die Kleine Taverne Peter Alexander
03 Fahr Auf Dem Zigeunerwagen Peter Alexander
04 Bye Bye Mein Hawaii Peter Alexander
05 Sag Es Mit Musik Peter Alexander
06 Ach Herr Kuhn Peter Alexander
07 Braucht Dein Herz Keinen Freund Peter Alexander
08 Bumms Peter Alexander
09 Die Panne Mit Susanne Peter Alexander
10 Die Süßesten Früchte Peter Alexander
11 Greif Nciht Nach Den Sternen Peter Alexander
12 Komm Mit Nach Palermo Peter Alexander
13 Märchenland Peter Alexander
14 Santa Fe Peter Alexander
15 Verleibte Musik Peter Alexander
16 Der Freundliche Franz Peter Alexander
17 Das Tu Ich Alles Aus Liebe Peter Alexander
Alexander, Peter - Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD) CD 2
01 Addio Donna Grazia [Ich Küsse Ihre Hand Madame] Peter Alexander
02 So Ein Kleines Bißchen Liebe (Feat Ernie Bieler) Peter Alexander
03 Ich Weiß Es Nicht (Feat Leila Negra) Peter Alexander
04 Mein Großer Bruder Peter Alexander
05 Ich Küsse Ihre Hand Madame Peter Alexander
06 Wenn Ich Dich Seh' Peter Alexander
07 Margarita Peter Alexander
08 Was Versteht Denn Ein Cowboy Von Liebe Peter Alexander
09 Vis-A-Vis Cher Ami Peter Alexander
10 Bolero Peter Alexander
11 Ach Hätt' Ich Das Gefühl Noch Mal (Feat Ernie Bieler) Peter Alexander
12 Es War In Napoli Vor Vielen, Vielen Jahren Peter Alexander
13 Ich Hab' Vor'm Küssen Immer Lampenfieber Peter Alexander
14 Der Alte Liebesbrief Peter Alexander
15 Ich Hab' Nach Dir Soviel Heimweh Peter Alexander
16 Die Schönen Frauen Haben Immer Recht Peter Alexander
17 Isabella Peter Alexander
Alexander, Peter - Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD) CD 3
01 Rote Rosen, Rote Lippen, Roter Wein [Bella Bella Donna] Peter Alexander
02 Immer Wieder Du Peter Alexander
03 Ich Lieb Dich So Wie Du Bist Peter Alexander
04 Die Alte Kuckucksuhr Peter Alexander
05 Bella Bella Donna Peter Alexander
06 Alte Lieder, Traute Weisen Peter Alexander
07 Pony Serenade Peter Alexander
08 Ich Weiß Was Du Dir Denkst Peter Alexander
09 Optimisten Boogie Peter Alexander
10 Kokettier´ Nicht Mit Mir Peter Alexander
11 Keine Angst Vor Großen Tieren Peter Alexander
12 Im Weißen, Weißen Schnee Peter Alexander
13 Weinlied Peter Alexander
14 Es War Das Letze Mal Peter Alexander
15 Wir, Wir Haben Ein Klavier Peter Alexander
16 Wo Am Weg Die Äpfel Reifen Peter Alexander
17 Erzähl Mir Keine Märchen Peter Alexander
Alexander, Peter - Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD) CD 4
01 Sing Baby Sing [Weil Du Mir Sympathisch Bist] Peter Alexander
02 Eventuell Peter Alexander
03 Gespenster Blues Peter Alexander
04 Weil Du Mir Sympathisch Bist Peter Alexander
05 Ein Mann Muß Nicht Immer Schön Sein Peter Alexander
06 Kleines Haus Auf Der Sierra Nevada Peter Alexander
07 Damit Hab'n Sie Keein Glück In Der Bundesrepublik Peter Alexander
08 Wenn Sie Woll'n Bringen Sie Mal Den Stein Ins Roll'n Peter Alexander
09 Bongo Boogie Peter Alexander
10 Blauer Tango Peter Alexander
11 Glück Muß Man Haben Peter Alexander
12 Jambalaya Peter Alexander
13 Jonathan Peter Alexander
14 Sag Beim Abschied Leise Servus Peter Alexander
15 Oh Mister Swoboda Peter Alexander
16 Ein Italiano Peter Alexander
17 Monika Peter Alexander
Alexander, Peter - Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD) CD 5
01 Komm Ein Bißchen Mit Nach Italien [Komm Ein Bißchen Mit Nach Italien] Peter Alexander
02 Tabak Und Rum Peter Alexander
03 Angelina, Angelina Peter Alexander
04 La Bella Musica Peter Alexander
05 Ein Musikus, Ein Musikus Peter Alexander
06 Es Geht Besser, Besser, Besser Peter Alexander
07 Damals In Rom Peter Alexander
08 Un Momento Maria Peter Alexander
09 Es Liegt Was In Der Luft Peter Alexander
10 Ich Finde Dich Peter Alexander
11 Ich Sing Heut Vergnügt Vor Mich Hin Peter Alexander
12 Nicolo, Nicolo, Nicolino Peter Alexander
13 Jede Frau In Bogota Peter Alexander
14 Du Bist Die Richtige Peter Alexander
15 In Sorrent Peter Alexander
16 Piccolo Pony Peter Alexander
17 Torero Der Liebe Peter Alexander
Alexander, Peter - Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD) CD 6
01 Der Mond Hält Seine Wacht [Im Hafen Unserer Träume] Peter Alexander
02 Das Süße Mädi Das Fredi Liebt Peter Alexander
03 Ich Weiß Was Dir Fehlt Peter Alexander
04 Schon Wieder Mal (Feat Catarina Valente) Peter Alexander
05 Im Hafen Unserer Träume (Feat Catarina Valente) Peter Alexander
06 Mamma Di Mandolin (Feat Catarina Valente & Silvio Francesco) Peter Alexander
07 Rocky Tocky Baby Peter Alexander
08 Tango Ohne Pause Peter Alexander
09 Auf Der Piazza Von Milano Peter Alexander
10 Das Ist Alles Längst Vorbei Peter Alexander
11 Vergiss Mich Nicht So Schnell (Feat Margot Eskens) Peter Alexander
12 Mamitschka Peter Alexander
13 Das Ganze Haus Ist Schief Peter Alexander
14 Ole Babutschkin Peter Alexander
15 Ein Bißchen Mehr Peter Alexander
16 Melodien Zum Verlieben Peter Alexander
17 Espresso Cafe Peter Alexander
Alexander, Peter - Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD) CD 7
01 Wunderbares Mädchen [Und Die Musik Spielt Dazu] Peter Alexander
02 Wir Seh'n Uns Wieder Peter Alexander
03 Er War Ein Musikant Peter Alexander
04 Hab'n Sie Nicht Ein Schönes Großes Faß Da Peter Alexander
05 Fabelhaft Peter Alexander
06 Venga, Venga Musica (Feat Margot Eskens) Peter Alexander
07 Das Schönste Auf Der Welt Peter Alexander
08 Wenn Das Die Ander'n Wüßten Peter Alexander
09 Das Große Glückskarussell Peter Alexander
10 Jassa Bobo Peter Alexander
11 O Josefin Die Nacht In Napoli (Feat Bibi Johns) Peter Alexander
12 Probier Dein Glück Mit Mir (Feat Bibi Johns) Peter Alexander
13 Bambina Peter Alexander
14 Du Hast Mir Heut Mein Herz Gestohlen Peter Alexander
15 Und Die Musik Spielt Dazu (Feat Herta Talmar) Peter Alexander
16 Valentina Peter Alexander
17 Mein Ganzes Leben Ist Musik Peter Alexander
18 Bim Bam Bumerang Peter Alexander
Alexander, Peter - Sag' Beim Abschied Leise Servus (8-CD) CD 8
01 Schaukellied [Mandolinen Und Mondschein] Peter Alexander
02 Tun Sie's Nicht (Feat Heinz Erhardt) Peter Alexander
03 Laß Mich Ni, Nie, Nie Mehr Allein Peter Alexander
04 Wir Tanzen Huckepack Peter Alexander
05 Mandolinen Und Mondschein Peter Alexander
06 Penny Swing Peter Alexander
07 Ein Kleines Haus Am Blauen See (Feat Margrit Imlau) Peter Alexander
08 Bimbombee Peter Alexander
09 Hol Den Peter Peter Alexander
10 Titino Tinn Peter Alexander
11 Ich Zähle Täglich Meine Sorgen Peter Alexander
12 Sing Johnny, Sing (Feat Margrit Imlau) Peter Alexander
13 Komm Bald Wieder Peter Alexander
14 Straße Meiner Lieder Peter Alexander
15 Bist Du Einsam Heut' Nacht Peter Alexander
16 Mariana Peter Alexander
17 Nimm Mich Mit Nach Cheriko Peter Alexander
18 Mille Mille Baci Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander born 30 June 1926 - died 12 February 2011 Peter Alexander Peter... more
"Peter Alexander"

Peter Alexander

born 30 June 1926 - died 12 February 2011

Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander has never forgotten how it all began and to whom he owed his success: "The'50s were wonderfully exciting. There wasn't much to eat, but we were happy. Time wasn't yet so fast-moving and superficial, the audience was just kneeling down." Formative for his path were in turn: his wife Hilde, who managed and shielded him all his life, colleagues and friends from the entertainment industry, who supported him like Gerhard Mendelson, who produced the first Austroton records with him, then Kurt Feltz, who turned one of many into the top star of the German hit, film and television producer Wolfgang Rademann and ZDF programme director Joseph Viehöver. With them he achieved the highest sales figures for his records and the highest ratings for his television shows. For four decades Peter Alexander remained the favourite of the German-speaking pop audience.

The decisive step from Viennese entertainer to the voice of the German hit was the change to record producer Feltz. He had a sure feeling for which international successful titles would also hit the German market, and he could produce the lard himself, which went down with the audience like oil. The sweet girl after the model of The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane - top hit of the Ames Brothers from 1954 - was an example of the former. The moon keeps its watch, as the latter is clear. Even at that time it was hard to sing of a'Mädi' and his'Fredy', and the term'blonde danger', which aroused associations with pin-ups, referred bieder to the smashing of vases. You have to have a firm grip on your community to finally explain to it the identity of the'sweet girl' as follows: "The little baby who loves Fredy is only half a year old". Even stronger is the stringing together of folk song clichés as from the old well ("he who soaks all horses"), the golden evening ("when the sun sinks"), the moon (who "watches over men") and the stars (who "beckon"). Who could then still afford to intonate "Aja-chiba-chiba" was beyond all doubt.

Peter Alexander Neumayer from Vienna presented himself to his admirers like one of them: "Hier ist ein Mensch" - as much as the hit with this title in 1970 pleaded for humanity, so much was its singer always striving to live up to his stage image of the good person. The image of man Peter Alexander included on the one hand that he called his wife Hilde'Schnurrdiburr' and on the other hand that he never questioned his audience. "One must not underestimate the masses," he formulated his credo in an interview with'Spiegel'. This does not explain the legendary success of the singer, actor, entertainer and showmaster, who was born on 30 June 1926, but his continuing popularity can be traced back to this.

Peter Alexander always wanted to go high, first as a doctor and then as an actor. But before that, he was still in the war machine. After graduating from high school in 1944, he became a flak helper, then a navy soldier and was taken prisoner of war at the age of 19. There he got to know Anglo-American entertainment and tried to entertain himself. He had already taught himself to play the piano at the age of 15. At the Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna after the war he was able to realize his dream of becoming an actor.

It soon became clear that he had a tendency towards comedy, that he could parody Hans Moser wonderfully and enthused as a cabaret artist. He himself sums up his Viennese beginnings as follows: "I played with Farkas and Waldbrunn in the Simpl. I did a popular radio show on the station'Rot-Weiss-Rot'. That's when I sang my first record. And I played theatre: in the Bürgertheater with Heesters and Rökk, in the Stadttheater with Conrads and Imhoff and with Qualtinger in the Theater in der Josefstadt. That was when I made my first big feature film with Franz Antel and Hans Moser. Not to mention: Then I married my Hilde..."

After the 50s was far from over for him. Unlike most protagonists of the light muse, he did not have to fear the upheavals of the flower power and APO years. "The'60s was a golden and happy decade." The audience remained loyal to him despite - or just because of - the beat revolution, as it had already cheered him during the rock'n' roll years. His motto sounds almost simple, but it hits the nail on the head: "If you're in the entertainment business, you should distract from your worries. The countless films in which he appeared from 1948 to 1971 also distracted from his worries. His film hits dominated the record market in the 50s and 60s, and


Peter Alexander Strasse meiner Lieder
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