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Jimmy Williams

Fire Engine Red

Great Drums At SUNThis ode to a pyromaniac may not be the greatest record on the compilation, and Sam Phillips may have been right to pass it over for release. But for historical reasons alone it earns a place on this col- lection. People assume that Crazy Arms was teenage drummer Jimmy Van Eaton's first appearance in the SUN studio. Actually he had been there previously, in the company of band leader/entrepreneur Jimmy Williams. ("Jimmy Williams was just a couple of years older than me but he was a real go-getter.

He was putting together bands – like 15 or 16 pieces – and they were playing in hotels and sorority dances. He used me as his drummer even though I was that young. 'Fire Engine Red' came from the first session I did at SUN although none of it was released at the time. I remember that Sam engineered it.")

The session probably dates from December 1955 or January 1956, by which time Van Eaton had been playing regularly with Williams for a while. Several months later, in April 1956, Jimmy Van Eaton was back in the studio with his high school group, The Echoes. "We had a couple of guitars, a standup bass and drums and we played Elvis songs.

We were in the right place at the right time, that's for sure. The session with the Echoes was something we did on our own. It wasn't for SUN. We were using the Memphis Recording Service. We paid our money just like everybody else and walked out with an acetate dub of our...

Various - SUN Records Great Drums At Sun - Featuring J. M. Van Eaton, WS Holland, Billy Weir, Houston Stokes & Johnny Bernero (CD)

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