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Heinz Wehner: Heinz Wehner und sein Orchester vom Delphi Palast, Berlin 1935-42 - Die goldene Ära deutscher Tanzorchester (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJUBE13633

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The golden era of German dance orchestra Heinz Werner and his orchestra from the Delphi Palace, Berlin 1935-42 Original photographs from 1935 to 1942 Heinz Wehner was born on May 21, 1908 in the small town of Einsal in Westphalia. From the beginning it must have...

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Heinz Wehner: Die grossen deutschen Tanzorchester (1935-42)
Art-Nr.: CD223017

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CD on MEMBRAN RECORDS by Heinz Wehner - Die grossen deutschen Tanzorchester (1935-42)

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