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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

Texas was always ground zero for groundbreaking blues guitarists. Stevie Ray Vaughan came out of that hallowed Lone Star tradition and injected a heady blast of rock into his savage attack. Not only were Freddy and Albert King, Johnny ‘Guitar' Watson, and Lonnie Mack among his heroes, Vaughan drew much from the sonic bombast of Jimi Hendrix, covering several of his best-known pieces.

Born October 3, 1954 in Dallas, Stevie followed in his older brother Jimmie's footsteps as a blues guitarist. Stevie dropped out of high school, moved to Austin in 1972, and played in Krackerjack, the Nightcrawlers, and Paul Ray & the Cobras before forming the Triple Threat Revue with singing bassist W.C. Clark and vocalist Lou Ann Barton. Several members left within a year, so Stevie and Lou Ann formed Double Trouble, named after Otis Rush's seminal '58 Cobra single. Barton soon split to join Roomful of Blues, so Stevie was Double Trouble's sole front man by the dawn of the 1980s.

Former Atlantic Records honcho Jerry Wexler was so impressed with the group that he helped them nail down a slot at the '82 Montreux Jazz Festival—a real rarity for an unsigned band. David Bowie saw Vaughan there and hired him to play on Bowie's 1983 album ‘Let's Dance.' The band had cut a demo tape at Jackson Browne's L.A. studio that eventually found its way to legendary producer John Hammond, who helped get them signed to Epic Records. Double Trouble was by then Vaughan, bassist Tommy Shannon, and drummer Chris Layton, and their stripped-down Texas trio sound fairly leaped out of the grooves of their '83 Epic debut set ‘Texas Flood.' Its title track was the 1958 Duke classic by Larry Davis, and Stevie's own rocking Pride And Joy was one of the album's standouts, thanks to Vaughan's twangy, lightning-bolt axe and drawled vocal.

Vaughan and Double Trouble followed it up the next year with another acclaimed hit LP, ‘Couldn't Stand The Weather.' Drug use threatened to derail Vaughan's momentum more than once, but he and Double Trouble released ‘Soul To Soul' in 1985, ‘Live Alive' the next year, and after he'd cleaned up his act, ‘In Step' in '89. There was also a 1990 collaboration with his brother Jimmie, ‘Family Style.'

Tragically, Vaughan was killed in a Wisconsin helicopter crash on August 27, 1990 after an appearance at Alpine Valley Music Theatre on a star-studded bill with Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, and Robert Cray. Judging from the countless Stevie Ray imitators still on the scene to this day, he'll never be forgotten.

Bill Dahl

Chicago, Illinois


Electric Blues 1939-2005. - The Definitive Collection!

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Stevie Ray Vaughan: Live At Montreux (2-DVD) (EU)
Art-Nr.: DVD2023339

Item in stock

DVD - PAL - Code Free - Color - 2-DVD (1982/85 'Epic Records') (158:46/21) Almost three hours of music. His first appearance accompanied by boos and yells. Then, three years later, his triumphant return to Switzerland. Also you'll get many additional features,...

Instead of:$11.51 * $5.76 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Hugh Gregory - Roadhouse Blues
Art-Nr.: 040320

Item in stock

(2003 'Backbeat Books') Paperback.

Instead of:$11.51 * $8.06 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Fire Meets The Fury
Art-Nr.: CDSM907

Item in stock

(1989) (71:37/11): Professionally good radio recordings. 'Recorded live at Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and McNichols Arena, Denver Colorado - November 28 & 29, 1989'

Instead of:$16.23 * $11.74 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Solos, Sessions And Encores
Art-Nr.: CDSNY87231

Item in stock

(1978-88 'Epic'etc.) (69:57/14). A compilation of tracks featuring SRV along with other musicians. Some cuts have been previously unissued ( ).

$9.38 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Pride & Joy
Art-Nr.: DVDSNY709260

Item in stock

(1983-90 'Sony') Tracks 1-8 orginally Pride And Joy VHS release.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan: Spectrum Philadelphia 23rd May 1988
Art-Nr.: CDECHO2028

Item in stock

(2015/Echo) 12 tracks. Stevie Ray Vaughan's guest slot for Robert Plant on the Non Stop Go tour was not at all representative of his worth in terms of bill position, or a true reflection of his talent, but was ultimately prestigious enough considering the...

$22.13 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Vaughan, Stevie Ray Texas Flood - Legacy 30th Anniversary Edition
Art-Nr.: CDSNY830242

Item in stock

"(1983 «Sony») (104:42 / 20) original Texas Flood ""album, plus inédit"" Live at ""Music Hall Ripley, Philadelphia, 1983."

$20.95 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: In The Beginning (LP, 180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPMOV1657

Item in stock

(2016/Music On Vinyl) 9 tracks. Beautiful live recordings from his early blues period recorded live in Austin, 1980. Stevie Ray Vaughan - gtr,voc, Jack Newhouse - bass, Chris Layton - dr

$29.44 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Couldn't Stand The Weather (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSNY755943

Item in stock

Great new set in Sony Music's 'Legacy' series. This release contains two CDs, one with SRV's original second album (augmented by three previously unreleased studio cuts and a couple of more rarities), a second CD features the band live in Toronto in 1984 (also...

$11.74 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Bumbershoots Art Festival 1985
Art-Nr.: CDGFR050

Item in stock

(2015/Go Faster) 15 tracks. Feat. Bonnie Raitt on 2 tracks.

$18.82 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Soul To Soul
Art-Nr.: CD4941312

Item in stock

(1985 'Epic') (57:22/13)

$13.28 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Couldn't Stand The Weather (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD5050672

Item in stock

(1984 'Epic') (55:01/13) * = previously unissued studio recordings from the 'Couldn't Stand The Weather' sessions. Digipack

$20.00 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Soul To Soul
Art-Nr.: SLP5305

Item in stock

(1985 'Epic') Sundazed

$31.80 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Live At Carnegie Hall (2-LP, 180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPMOV1316

Item in stock

(2015/Music On Vinyl) 14 tracks - A classic from 1997 for the first time on vinyl, featuring musicians like Dr. John, John Hammond and Jimmie Vaughan!

$35.34 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Flood (2-LP)
Art-Nr.: PPAN38734

Item in stock

(1983 'Epic') Pure Pleasure

$50.68 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Spectrum, Philadelphia 23rd May 1988 (2-LP)
Art-Nr.: LPECHO2028

Item in stock

(2015/Echoes) 12 tracks. Concert for the transmitter FM Washington DC as part of the 'Superstar Concert Series'. Double LP archival photos and liner notes by.

$32.98 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Guitar Signature Licks: Greatest Hits
Art-Nr.: DVD320256

Item in stock

(2002) (Code: 0 - Farbe / color - Dolby digital 2.0)

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Stevie Ray Vaughan: King's Head
Art-Nr.: CDLFM524

Item in stock

(2013/Leftfield) 9 tracks. Legendary 1980 Radio Boradcast.

$19.77 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble: Live Alive (2-LP)
Art-Nr.: LPMOV662

Item in stock

(2015 / Music On Vinyl) 14 tracks.(2015 / Music On Vinyl) 14 tracks. Reissue of the original album from 1986. 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Live recordings from July 16th 1985 Montreux Jazz Festival, July 17th-18th 1986 Austin Opera House and July 19th 1986 Dallas Star...

$32.98 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Vol.2
Art-Nr.: CD226292

Item in stock

(1983-90 'Epic) (71:45/16)

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Stevie Ray Vaughan: Big Blues From Texas
Art-Nr.: 040660045

Item in stock

(1996 'Hal Leonard') By Dave Rubin. Theorie und Praxis mit Übungen und Transkriptionen zu 16 Songs. Notation und TAB / Transcriptions and lessons for theory and practise of 16 songs.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan: Let Me Love You - Live, Albuquerque 1989 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBRR6015

Item in stock

(2015/Broadcasting Radio Records) 7 tracks (35:28), Digisleeve. Complete radio broadcast from the Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 28, 1989! Fantastic! MM/Bear Family Records

$18.82 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Couldn't Stand The Weather
Art-Nr.: CD4941302

Currently not available

(1984 ''Epic') (55:01/13)

$10.33 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Flood
Art-Nr.: CD4941292

Currently not available

(1982 'Epic) (59:09/15)

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VAUGHAN, Stevie Ray: In Step
Art-Nr.: CDSA2077

Currently not available

Limited and numbered edition - carefully and with superior results re-mastered in the Mobile Fidelity labs. Original album from the Texas guitar player, comes with book case and a reproduction of the original cover art, and booklet.

$41.01 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Hurricane (6-Hybrid-SACDs) (Limited Numbered Box-Set)

Currently not available

(2014/Analogue Prod.) 76 tracks. With its amazingly adept guitar playing Stevie Ray Vaughan fueled the blues revival in the 80s. Vaughan was equally inspired by blues artists such as Albert King , Otis Rush , Hubert...

$418.84 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Hurricane (200g) (Limited Numbered Edition Box Set) (33 RPM)
Art-Nr.: LPAPB33

Currently not available

(2014/Analogue Prod.) 58 tracks. Boxset of Stevie Ray Vaughan called 'Texas Flood', 'Couldn't Stand The Weather', 'Soul To Soul', 'In Step'; 'Family Style'; 'The Sky Is Crying'. What if? What if everything that Acoustic Sounds customer have learned on the tonal...

$412.94 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: The Sky Is Crying (180g)
Art-Nr.: LPMOV1076

Currently not available

(2015/Music On Vinyl) 10 tracks. . Released about one year after Vaughan's death in 1990, the album features ten previously unreleased tracks, originally recorded between 1984 and 1989.

$25.90 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Vaughan, Stevie Ray Original Album Classics (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSNY701572

Currently not available

(1982-1985 'CBS / Epic') (171:29 / 41)

$11.74 *

VAUGHAN, Stevie Ray: S.R.V. (3-CD & 1-DVD )
Art-Nr.: CDSNY496352

Currently not available

(1977-90 'Epic') (230:40/49). Longbox, originally released in 2000. Beautiful 4-disc box-set, three CD plus a fourth DVD-video disc, containing a total of 54 tracks, 36 were previously unissued. DVD-video includes unaired/unissued performances from a 1989...

$38.88 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Double Play (CD-DVD)
Art-Nr.: CDSNY778797

Currently not available

A 'Best Of' anthology on CD, plus the 'Live At The El Mocambo' DVD: Great live performance from Stevie Ray and his band, recorded live at this famous Canadian club. High-energy guitar blues! - Slipcase. (NTSC, Farbe/color, 16:3Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, PCM...

Instead of:$11.74 * $5.87 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Couldn't Stand The Weather (2-LP)
Art-Nr.: LP98060

Currently not available

(1984 'Epic') Music On Vinyl

$35.11 *

VAUGHAN, Stevie Ray: Texas Flood - Couldn't Stand The Weather
Art-Nr.: CD785827

Currently not available

Two original LPs/CDs with five bonus tracks each. Comes in a slipcase.

$16.23 *

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Flood
Art-Nr.: SLP5303

Currently not available

(1983 'Epic') Sundazed

$31.80 *

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