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Jackie Trent

6. September 1940 - 21. March 2015


In the fifties and sixties, popular recording artists were generally speaking divided into two categories: the 'singles' artist and the 'album' artist. Rarely did either cross over. However once in a while would come along a singer who was equally adept at making both singles and albums.

Jackie Trent was one such artist and almost uniquely (for the sixties) she had two strings to her bow,
for not only did she sing but she also wrote many of the songs she sang, usually with Tony Hatch.

So besides recording - and often writing - songs with an eye on the commercial market, she would also record albums which
showcased not only the wide range of her distinctive vocals but also her ability to write songs in a variety of styles (if they didn't know, who would guess that the same writing team were responsible for songs as diverse as Petula Clark's 'I Couldn't Live Without Your Love and Scott Walker's 'Joanna'?).

Add to these attributes her impeccable taste for selecting songs to record that she hadn't
written herself and it's no wonder everyone of her albums exuded class.

Paul Howes, July 1998

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