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Billy Joe Shaver

Geb. 16.8. 1941 in Corsicana - Texas
Record Labels: MGM, Monument, Capricorn, Columbia
Erster Hit: Georgia On A Fast Train (1973)

Ende der 60er Jahre von Bobby Bare entdeckt, hat sich der Sänger und Songwriter Billy Joe Shaver innerhalb kurzer Zeit zu einem der wichtigsten und tiefgründigsten Komponisten der Country Szene entwickelt. Nachdem er anfänglich nur für Bare gearbeitet hatte, übernahmen bald auch andere Stars die Songs von Shaver. Kris Kristofferson war nach Bare einer der ersten, er sang die Shaver-Komposition "Good Christian Soldier“. Tom T.Hall sang "Old Five And Dimers Like Me“, Waylon Jennings "Honky Tonk Heroes“, Elvis Presley „You Asked Me To“, Johnny Cash "Old Chunk Of Coal“ und die Allman Brothers Band über- nahm "Sweet Mama“.

Anfang der 70er Jahre begann Billy Joe Shaver dann auch seine Songs selbst zu singen. Er verfügt über eine ausdrucksstarke Stimme, erinnert manchmal etwas an Waylon Jennings, doch wie bei so vielen Komponisten vor ihm schon erlebt, mit der eigenen Interpretation klappt es meist nicht so recht. Hervorragend produzierte Platten, von den Kritikern hoch gelobt, dennoch nur niedrige Plätze in den Charts. Vielleicht mag es daran liegen, dass die Songwriter nicht genügend Zeit aufbringen, um auf Tourneen ihre Musik an's Publikum zu bringen."

Billy Joe Shaver

Old Five And Dimers Like Me

The tipping point in Billy Joe Shaver's career came when Waylon Jennings recorded 'Honky Tonk Heroes.' They first met at the Dripping Springs Reunion, the event that preceded Willie's annual picnics. After that, Shaver bugged Waylon so often, Waylon reportedly offered him a hundred bucks to go away. "I was always in a meeting or on another call or 'not in.'" Waylon said."This went on for months….He caught me one night at RCA recording. 'I got these songs,' he said, 'and if you don't listen to them, I'm going to kick your ass right here in front of everybody.' He could have been killed there and then by some of my friends lining the walls, but I took Billy Joe in a back room and said, 'Hoss, you don't do things like that. I'm going to listen to one song, and if it ain't no good, I'm telling you goodbye. We ain't never going to talk again.' Billy played me 'Old Five And Dimers,' and then kept on going. He had a whole sackful of songs, and by the time he ran out of breath, I wanted to record all of them." Old Five And Dimers was Shaver's everyday poeticism at its best. Waylon had every reason to be impressed.

Various Truckers, Kickers, Cowboy Angels - The Blissed-Out Birth Of Country Rock, Vol. 6: 1973 (2-CD)
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Billy Joe Shaver: Honky Tonk Heroes
Art-Nr.: BCD15775

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1-CD with 40-page booklet, 25 tracks. Playing time approx. 79 mns. An underground legend in Nashville, and one of country music's greatest songwriters, Billy Joe Shaver wrote classics like Old Five And Dimers Like Me, Ride Me Down Easy, Honky Tonk Heroes, Slow...

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Billy Joe Shaver: Long In The Tooth
Art-Nr.: CDLRR25423

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(2014/Lightning Rod) 10 tracks (32.12) digisleeve incl. all lyrics. Amazing (as always) new studio album, recorded at the House Of Blues Studio D, produced by Ray Kennnedy And Gary Nicholson. Studio cast feat. Tony Joe White, Leon Russell, Pig Robbins, Shawn Camp...

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Billy Joe Shaver: Long In The Tooth
Art-Nr.: LP284010

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(2014/Groove Attack) 10 tracks, gatefold cover

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Billy Joe Shaver: Live From Austin, TX (CD&DVD)
Art-Nr.: CDNW6225

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(2012/NEW WEST) 15 tracks plus DVD (Code 0/NTSC/Color/5:1/47 Min.) Recorded August 14, 1984.

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Billy Joe Shaver: Live At Billy Bob'sTexas 2011 (CD-DVD)
Art-Nr.: CDSMG5066

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(2012/SMITH) 22 tracks (69:48) plus Concert DVD (NTSC, Code 0) recorded live at Billy Bob's Texas, Fort Worth September 17,2011. Amazing Evening!!

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Billy Joe Shaver: Shaver, Billy Joe Complete Columbia Recordings (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRGM0113

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(2013/REAL GONE) 31 génie Britannique titres 1981-1987 comprend albums d'impression longue OUTOF. Masterisé par Vic Anesini. Livret de 20 pages.

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