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Otis Rush

When Cobra Records folded in 1959, A&R man Willie Dixon sailed right back to his former post at Chess Records. Two of Cobra's top young blues guitarists joined him. Southpaw Otis Rush had hit his very first time out on fledgling Cobra in '56 with Dixon's I Can't Quit You Baby (see Disc Four) and proceeded to wax a string of hair-raising Chicago blues classics (My Love Will Never Die, Double Trouble, All Your Love [I Miss Loving]) for Eli Toscano's West Side-based label prior to its untimely demise. Dixon played several roles in their stunning execution

"Willie was sort of right in the middle of everything," says Otis, whose Chess signing marked a change of heart on the label's part from when Otis was just starting out. "Chess didn't want to record me, because I sang a lot like Muddy," says Rush of his early years

Rush's first Chess session in January of 1960 produced a typically harrowing downbeat gem. With saxist Little Bobby Neely, pianist Lafayette Leake, guitarist Matt Murphy (who adds a few biting licks of his own), drummer Odie Payne, Jr., and bassist Dixon behind him, So Many Roads, So Many Trains intimidates in its fiery intensity. Rush sings it like a man possessed, his solo shrieking all over the high end of his guitar neck. So Many Roads stands with any of his Cobra sides (John Mayall's Bluesbreakers revived it in 1966 with Peter Green on lead guitar).

"Somebody gave me that song," says Rush. If the label credits can be believed, that somebody was 17-year-old Marshall Paul Chess. Listed on the 45 as Paul Marshall, he was already a familiar presence around the halls of his family label's headquarters, beginning as a mailroom worker and gofer at 13. It wasn't the first time a Chess release bore Marshall's name as official composer; Leonard's son was down as author of Harvey and The Moonglows' 1958 hit Ten Commandments Of Love and was all of 14 when he allegedly penned the same group's Penny Arcade

Despite the unmitigated brilliance of So Many Roads and its resolutely minor-key follow-up You Know My Love (a My Love Will Never Die sequel, penned like its predecessor by Dixon), Rush's stay at Chess was brief and frustrating. "I was with Chess for about two or three years," he says. "We'd record, and they've got the record laying up on the shelf. So I wanted to get free of that."

Moving over to Don Robey's Duke Records proved even worse for Otis. His lone 1962 Chicago date for the Houston-based label produced the solitary single Homework, Dixon still at the helm. "I did a five-year contract with Duke. I got one record out of 'em," Rush laments. "That was a shame, five years. People like that was mostly tying up artists, putting 'em on the shelf. Record 'em, and just put 'em away. There wasn't no control in the music world."

Bill Dahl
Chicago, Illinois

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Otis Rush: I'm Satisfied (LP, 180g, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: LPWT408701

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(Wax Time) 18 Tracks - Limited Edition of 500 copies! - Original Otis Rush recordings made for the labels Cobra, Chess and Duke, 1956-1962!

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Otis Rush: So Many Roads - Live In Concert
Art-Nr.: CDDE643

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when Otis Rush and his band went to Japan to play a couple of shows in Tokyo (where lucky enough this album was recorded) they were received by an enthusiastic crowd; this sparked some of the best performances of Otis career. In my opinion this still is one of the...

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Otis Rush: Cold Day In Hell
Art-Nr.: CDDE638

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For many blues lovers this is his best studio production. This CD re-release comes with 13 minutes of bonus music. Lots of guitar from one of the greatest players, ever. Guts. That's what this record is all about: Otis Rush's days in hell, and the tentative joys of...

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Otis Rush: All Your Love I Miss Loving
Art-Nr.: CDDE781

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(1976 'Delmark') (67:35/12) 'Recorded live at The Wise Fools Pub, Chicago, January 1976' - Radiomitschnitt von WXRT, Chicago in akzeptabler Qualität. Die Aufnahmen entstanden in einem der bekannten Clubs auf der North Side, wo Otis in jenen Tagen regelmäßig...

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Otis Rush: So Many Roads
Art-Nr.: LPDS643

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(1975 Live in Japan) Delmark OTIS RUSH - gtr/vcl, JIMMY JOHNSON - gtr, SYLVESTER BOINES - bass, TYRONE CENTUARY - drums (Live recordings from Japan). with Jimmy Johnson. Four and 1/2 stars from Downbeat . Live performances of the blues were a new and rare...

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Otis Rush: The Cobra (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPRUM11142

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(Rumble Records) 16 Tracks - Original and rare 1950s Cobra recordings!

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Otis Rush: I'm Satisfied (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSJ825

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(Soul Jam) 26 tracks. Original Otis Rush recordings made for the labels Cobra, Chess and Duke, 1956-1962!

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Otis Rush: Mourning In The Morning - 180gram vinyl
Art-Nr.: SLP5155

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(1969 'Cotillion') Sundazed For Mourning In The Morning, his 1969 album debut on Atlantic Records, southpaw blues guitar legend Otis Rush journeyed from his Chicago home to Fame Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama—a burg best known for seminal soul platters....

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Otis Rush: Double Trouble - I'm Satisfied
Art-Nr.: 45J865

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(1958/60 'Cobra/Chess') Jewel Repro! Dramatic rockin' blues action.

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Otis Rush: Live & Awesome
Art-Nr.: CD4131

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(1990s 'Genes') (62:36/11) Leider sagen die Linernotes nicht, wo und wann dieses Album 'live in Europe' entstanden ist. Die übliche Rush-Mixtur aus eigenen und fremden Klassikern. Leider hört man manchmal mehr Klavier als Gitarre / the liner notes just say...

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Otis Rush: I Can't Quit The Blues
Art-Nr.: CD250257

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(1956-60) (77:08/25)

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Otis Rush: Cold Day In Hell (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPDS638

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(1975/Delmark) 8 tracks. Maybe his best studio production, now available on LP again.

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Otis Rush: Otis Rush & Buddy Guy Live In Chicago '88 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDKL5058

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(2016/Klondike) 14 tracks

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Otis Rush: Double Trouble - Live Cambridge 1973
Art-Nr.: CDRB3320

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(2015/Rockbeat) 11 tracks. Otis Rush - gtr/voc, Ernest Gatewood - bass, Little Bo - tenor sax, Bob Richards - drums.

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Otis Rush: Right Place, Wrong Time
Art-Nr.: PPAN301

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(1971 'Bullfrog') - Pure Pleasure. Reissue.

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Otis Rush: Keep On Loving Me Baby - Double Trouble
Art-Nr.: REP18013

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Rockin' R&B double sider.

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Otis Rush: Blues Interaction - Live
Art-Nr.: CDPCD20197

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Japanese import, re-issue of the excellent mid-eighties live set recorded with what probably was Japan's best blues band, Break Down. A blues guitar orgy! Highly recommended.

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Otis Rush: Tops
Art-Nr.: BPLP3188

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(1988) Blind Pig

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