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Mady Rahl
* 03 January 1915 - 29 August 2009

Her real name is Edith Gertrud Meta Raschke and she initially becomes a stenotypist. She also practices ballet and acting. As a mimin she takes the stage name Mady Rahl. She had her first success in the variety movie "Truxa" (1936). She plays with La Jana and Rudi Godden and performs them in about 70 films, always together with the screen celebrities of those years.

She also plays the theater. After the Second World War she continued her acting career. Mady Rahl plays with Curd Jürgens and others. In the 30's and 40's she sang in several films. She sings with success titles like "Prayer of no virgin", "Stop it, my darling" or "Dance yourself slim" or - with Rudi Schuricke - "Stupid little thing". The film composition "Ich bin eine Jungfrau" (1937) is typical for Mady Rahl's charming performance.

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