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Paul Morgan

* 01 Okober 1886 - 10 December 1938

He was born the son of the Jewish lawyer family Morgenstern in Vienna. At the age of 25, the aspiring actor takes on the name Paul Morgan. After a stopover in Munich, the young man moved to the Spree in 1918, where he soon moved to revues (e.g. "An und aus" or "Von Mund zu Mund", both 1926/27) and cabaret. He is friends with Max Hansen, with whom he also makes recordings. Like him, Morgan was one of the founding members of the famous Berlin cabaret of comedians (KadeKo). His humorous lecture "Bei feinen Leuten" dates back to 1928 - after Hitler's seizure of power, the cabaret artist and author Morgan left Berlin and returned to Vienna. He was arrested there in 1938 by the Gestapo, who deported him first to Dachau and then to the Buchenwald concentration camp, where - weakened by medical experiments - he died of pneumonia at the end of 1938.

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