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Montgomery Gentry: Back When I Knew It All
Art-Nr.: CD0813001

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(2008/SONY) 11 tracks - special price stock copies of the original US pressing - deleted item!

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Montgomery Gentry: Some People Change (2006)
Art-Nr.: CDSNY94888

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(2006/SONY/BMG) 12 tracks last copies

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Montgomery Gentry: Folks Like Us
Art-Nr.: CDBLS115003

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(2015/Blaster Records) 10 tracks (34:38)

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Montgomery Gentry: Here's To You (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDAVJ0310

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(Average Joes) 12 tracks - Montgomery Gentry is one of the most identifiable duos in the history of Country music. For over 20 years, the Grammy award winning, platinum-selling band has blown the roof off with their chart topping hits and kick ass live...

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Montgomery Gentry: You Do Your Thing (2004)
Art-Nr.: CDSNY90558

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(2004/SONY) 12 tracks A fantastic raw and rocking album featuring pumping R'n'B horns and a Gospel-style chorus

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Montgomery Gentry: Rebels On The Run (2011)
Art-Nr.: CD130005

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(2011/AVERAGE JOE) 11 tracks

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Montgomery Gentry: Triple Feature (3-CD Softpack)
Art-Nr.: CD737189

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