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Babe Miller: Room 242 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSR3044

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(2016/Sleazy) 14 tracks - Tremendous Country Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly stuff by Babe Miller! All songs except 5 of'em are written by Miller himself! Great lyrics, great sounds - a real tret all the way!

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Babe Miller: Pink, Pink Elephants EP
Art-Nr.: SR4595

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(2015/Sleazy) Great 50s  Country Rock & Roll & Hillbilly Bop EP! Linernotes by  Craig 'Bones' Maki, who's the author of the 'Detroit Country Music: Mountaineers, Cowboys And Rockabillies' book!

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Babe Miller: Heart Problems 7inch, 45rpm, EP, PS
Art-Nr.: 45SR72

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