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Janiva Magness

Born 30. January 1957 in Detroit, Michigan

2017 Grammy Nominee, 7x Blues Music Award Winner


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Janiva Magness Band: Blues Ain't Pretty
Art-Nr.: CDBL9816

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(2001 'Blues Leaf') (54:09/14) Neues starkes Album von der Queen of West Coast Blues. Sie beherrscht die gesamte Palette, von unterkühlt bis herausschreiend. Dazu eine exquisite Besetzung und ansprechende Produktion, bei der lediglich das laute Schlagzeug...

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Janiva Magness: Blue Again (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBER1045

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(2017/Blue Elan) 6 Tracks (23:33) - Ecopack - It's the sixth collaboration with four-time Grammy nominated producer Dave Darling (Glen Campbell, Brian Setzer) whose instincts compel Magness to tap her deepest creative powers and lead her songs to unpredictable...

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Janiva Magness: Love Wins Again (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBER1017

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(2016/Blue Elan) 11 tracks. Janiva Magness' 2016 album Love Wins Again is yet another evolutionary step for the soulful, elegant, award-winning singer/songwriter. The album's title is a mantra that resonates throughout: the concept of love as a physical, psychic...

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Janiva Magness: Love Is An Army (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBER1072

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12 tracks 2018 Janiva Magness I am reluctant to write these liner notes. I don't want to give too much away. I want you to have the chance to listen. Especially to hear. After all, songs are stories and stories put to music can speak to us in ways and places...

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MAGNESS, Janiva: The Devil Is An Angel Too
Art-Nr.: CDAL4935

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Songs dealing with the dark sides of life. Perfectly transformed into blues by a stellar crew of players. In every sense, Janiva is one of today's most attractive blues performers. She's not a songwriter, though. But she has a deep knowledge of blues and r&b....

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MAGNESS, Janiva: Stronger For It
Art-Nr.: CDAL4946

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She's looking back on a career of 35 years. She's a strong interpreter of other artists' songs, and she's also writing her own material. Her third album on Alligator contains a strong, powerful set of gritty blues, soul and r&b inspired songs, and even covers from...

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