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Bela Lugosi: Invisible Ghost (0) - Horror
Art-Nr.: DVDALP4094

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(2003/Alpha) English, 1941, b&w, 70 Min.; Director Joseph H. Lewis sets a dark and foreboding mood for this Jekyll and Hyde tale. Ripe with unexpected shots and dynamic lighting, the 'Invisible Ghost' is the most visually striking of Lugosi's Monogram features....

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Bela Lugosi: SOS Coast Guard
Art-Nr.: DVDALP4030

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(2002/ALPHA) engl., 1937, b&w, 102 min.

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Bela Lugosi: Vol.1, The Return Of Chandu (0)
Art-Nr.: DVDALP4062

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(2002/ALPHA) engl., 1934, b&w, 107 min.

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Bela Lugosi: The Corpse Vanishes (0) - Horror
Art-Nr.: DVDALP4043

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(2002/Alpha) English, 1942, b&w, 64 Min.; Often cited as one of the best and most cohesive of Lugosi's poverty row features. Directed by Wallace W. Fox. Starring Bela Lugosi, Luana Walters a.m.o.

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