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Ulla Meinecke

"Germany's most concise author of the female sex" (Teldec press release)

"Ulla Meinecke was already singing intelligent German lyrics when groups like Wir sind Helden or singers like Annett Louisan weren't even born. [...] She is the grande dame of German pop" was the comment in the daily newspaper 'Norddeutsche Neueste Nachrichten' about the artist, who was born on 14 August 1953 in Usingen/Taunus. At the age of ten she got her first guitar - "Viel Üben und Singen. From the age of fifteen, her first serious occupation with language, first attempts with poetry, poetry, narration," says her website.

For you, almost everything I do is the first song she ever wrote. "At eighteen or nineteen. Untypically, not only the lyrics, but also the music is mine. The whole thing was a birthday present. When I sent a demo tape to Udo Lindenberg in 1975, 'Für dich...' was one of the three songs I had recorded. It finally landed on my first album, which was released in April 1977. Surprisingly, Sportfreunde Stiller took him in again a few years ago. Even though they're not nineteen-year-old girls at all..." Udo Lindenberg also produced Meineckes LP 'Von toten Tigern und wet Katzen' and was co-producer of the follow-up album 'Meinecke Fuchs' in 1978. A year later the collaboration with him ended. Ulla Meinecke settled in Berlin and has since released over a dozen albums, working with Herwig Mitteregger, Edo Zanki and Rio Reiser, among others. The artist achieved a breakthrough in 1983 with her fifth LP 'Wenn schon nicht für immer, dann wenigstens für ewig' ('If not forever, then at least forever'), which also contained her most successful title to date, Die Tänzerin. In 1984 Ulla Meinecke was awarded the 'Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis' in the category 'Chanson'.

Ulla Meinecke doesn't describe herself as a songwriter, but as a rock poet, as she said in an interview with the 'Folker!' in 2005: "I am a rock musician! This has nothing to do with martial leather, it also has nothing to do with 'the guitars are hanging low, tomorrow there will be good weather'. That's a way of life. I know people I'd say I know: He or she has the heart of a Rock 'n' Roller, although they are not musicians at all. That's a certain value to me. And, uh, I'm from there. It's the music I love the most."

The Berlin-born songwriter is regarded as one of the most distinguished songwriters in German rock history. "I'm really good at lyrics. That's a special gift. Talent, but also connected with a lot of work. It's the talent to shape first, isn't it?! When composing, it's like this: Sometimes I think of something very beautiful in a team with another composer. But, it's not my strength. Anyway, if I were unusually good as a composer, I would have noticed that before! But I want the compositions to be as strong as possible so that everything really meets. And therefore I leave the other" ('Folker!' 3/2005).

In 2005 Ulla Meinecke published a retrospective with 14 songs from 28 years under the title 'Im Augenblick' as well as a book of the same name, in which she, sorted chronologically, tells excerpts, episodes and moments from her musical life: From the first stations of her musical existence, the first steps with her own lyrics, the meeting with Udo Lindenberg, the first record production with Lindenberg's music and lyrics to her most important records.


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