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Billylee Janey: No Saints Ringin The Bells
Art-Nr.: CDROCK037

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(2011 'Rockadrome') (72:15/17) BILLYLEE JANEY - gtr/voc, BRYCE JANEY - acoustic gtr, JOHN HALL - 7-string bass, TROY HARPER - drums.

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Billylee Janey: What's Your Trick
Art-Nr.: CDROCK022

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Hard rocking trio from the Midwest (Iowa). Original, extremely rocking mix of bluesy bits and pieces, grooves and lotsa guitar. BILLYLEE JANEY ' gtr/voc, DAN JOHNSON ' bass, SKIP LOWE ' drums.

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JANEY, Billylee: Gimme Some Lightnin'
Art-Nr.: CDROCK029

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Guitar player from Iowa with another solo album. Hard rocking grooves and guitar riffs, a sound combination of classic hard rock and funky blues. For all you lovers of endless bluesy rock guitar sololing.- Digipak. BILLYLEE JANEY- gtr/voc, D.J. JOHNSON - bass, ERIC...

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