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Friedel Hensch & the Cyprys

* 07 July 1906 - 31 December 1990

Her stage career begins with a mishap: When Friedel Hensch is supposed to jump in for a sick colleague in a revue at the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin, she slips into the wrong key - and reaps loud laughs. But she masters the situation with bravura Fortan she highlights her comic talent. Immediately after the war, in October 1945, Friedel Hensch, who at that time was almost 40 years old, met Werner Cyprys and his friend Karl Geithner in Flensburg and founded the singing and cabaret group "Friedel Hensch & die Cyprys". With these men in the background, Friedel Hensch developed into one of the most successful pop singers of the German tongue during the 50s. The troupe - Friedel Hensch and Werner Cyprys have married in the meantime - released the song "Mein Kaugummi" (My Chewing Gum) on Polydor's record in 1949.

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