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The Great Chaquito Big Band

The great Chaquito band was first formed in 1958 as an "authentic" Latin American band to play North American Jazz, whilst retaining the rhythms and style of Latin America as a basic foundation. The first Chaquito album to be issued ("Swinging Cha-Cha") was an immediate success, attracting much attention both from the general public and from the music business itself. The imaginative scoring and natural in-ventiveness of the arrangements and the band's big, brash, bold and exciting style, so full of obvious enthusiasm on the part of the musicians themselves, won the band a reputation for sheer enthusiasm and imagination, a reputation that still holds good today. In the 20 years from 1958 to 1977, the Chaquito band went on to record 14 LP's and, including compilations and re-releases, over 20 albums were released during this time, several of which featured in the LP charts.

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Latin Classics Vol.1 (CD)
The Great Chaquito Big Band: Latin Classics Vol.1 (CD) Art-Nr.: CD846051

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(1990/Phonogram) 20 tracks - " Brazil with its unison trumpet-growl on the opening, falling into a strong rhythmic pattern, Otra Vez , the raunchy Latin Blues featuring a scintillating alto sax solo and the Carioca , which is truly...