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Ral Donner

Born in Chicago on Feb. 10, 1943, Ralph Stuart Donner first recorded in 1958 for Scottie. Moving to New York, he signed with Gone and reached the Top Twenty with 'The Girl Of My Best Friend' (a song from Presley's Elvis Is Back album) in 1961. As Presley became more of a Neapolitan balladeer than a rock'n'roller, Donner continued to sing in the manner to which early Elvis fans had been accustomed.

His heavily stylized, hot-potato-in-the-mouth vocals smouldered through a string of blistering soul ballads. They included 'You Don't Know What You've Got' (No. 4), `Please Don't Go', 'She's Everything' (another Top Twenty hit) and 'What A Sad Way To Love Someone'. Dormer re-corded also for Tau (1960), Reprise (the fine 'I Got Burned' in 1963), Fontana (1965), Red Bird (1966), Rising Sons (where he was produced by Billy 'I Can Help' Swan in 1968), Mid Eagle, M. J. (1971) and Chicago Fire, Sunlight (1972).

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Ral Donner: Ral Donner Sounds Like Elvis (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPFS1010

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(Firestar) 18 tracks - Great compilation Ral Donner's output Ral was born February 10. 1943 in the windy city of Chicago, and was influenced by Jerry Butler, Frank Sinatra and most heavily by Elvis_ At age 14 he formed his first band, the Rockin' Five In 1958. he...

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Ral Donner: Singles Collection 1959-62
Art-Nr.: CDJAS240

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(2013/Jasmine) 27 tracks, famous GONE label album & 45rpm sides plus his rare 1959 Scottie single release.

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Ral Donner: Burned - The Ral Donner Anthology (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDGVC2038

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(2014/GVCR) 58 tracks

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Ral Donner: The Day The Beat Stopped (7inch, 45rpm, EP, sc)
Art-Nr.: 45TDEP7801

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Elvis tribute EP from 1978

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Ral Donner: You Don't Know What You've Got - Collection
Art-Nr.: CDCOL9929

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(2005/COL) 10 tracks

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