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The British rock band Dire Straits, founded in 1977 for the wedding of punk, developed from a pub band for intellectuals to a stadium act for the masses with a total of five studio albums and a limdouble LP. In the mid-80s, Dire Straits was considered one of the biggest, most successful and intelligent rock institutions of those days. Musically they presented a mixture of guitar rock, rhythm'n'blues and reggae. Their pieces often lasted up to ten minutes.

Characteristic for the Dire Straits was above all the special guitar playing of their frontman, composer and lyricist Mark Knopfler. At the end of the 80's, after the fundamental album'Brothers in Arms', which can be considered the artistic highlight of their career, the band broke up for the time being and came together only sporadically for festival appearances. In 1991 the big money attracted; it followed the LP'On every Street', which, however, was only rated as a weary copy of past successes. Since then Mark Knopfler is on the road with his own solo band and releases all jubilee years quite successful albums.

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Dire Straits: Extended Dance Play (EP, 12inch, 45rpm)
Art-Nr.: LP6400747

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(C-More Tone) 4 tracks - Australian Vertigo release

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Dire Straits: Live At The BBC (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD5283232

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(1995/Vertigo) 8 tracks

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Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms & On Every Street (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD18618

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(2009/UNIVERSAL) 21 tracks, two original albums

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