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Georg Danzer

* 07. Oktober 1946 - 21. Juni 2007

Georg Danzer * October 07, 1946 After school, the Viennese enrolled in 1966 to study philosophy and psychology, but soon abandoned it again because he preferred to write songs. His lyrics are critical, his success moderate. With the production "Du mi a" he started 1976 with Polydor in Vienna and also became known in Germany. In 1977 he founded the Danzer Band. The song "Sex-Appeal ist schon gut" also originates from this time.


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Georg Danzer

"You can shit on the heads of many people for a short time and few people for a long time, but not all people for all eternity. As soon as winter comes and the occupiers return to the warm oven, the bulldozers will tear everything down." (Georg Danzer in a speech during the arena occupation, 1976)

Georg Danzer is one of the few Austrian singer-songwriters who is also known outside the country. Albums such as 'Notausgang' (1979), 'Traurig aber wahr' (1980) and 'Ruhe vor dem Sturm' (1981) sold excellently in Germany and consolidated his reputation as a poet, hit supplier and socio-critical observer, who at times was threatened with bursting his anger veins. The song Der alte Wessely, for example, is such a case, even if Danzer thinks that this title no longer has any place today. In the city newspaper 'Falter' he said: "At the sea of lights at Heldenplatz [the largest demonstration of the Second Republic against the FPÖ's 'anti-foreigners' referendum' in 1993; author's note]. I sang 'Old Wessely' and thought to myself all the time: Does the song fit here at all? Do these old Nazis still exist who tell Jewish jokes in the musty suburban inn? Aren't they young guys today who come along smart and chic and use similar means of transport for their slogans as their opponents? "Isn't that a little too easy what you're singing?" 40 albums have been released by the singer-songwriter, born in 1946, to date, which primarily show two sides of Danzer: the intellectual, serious singer-songwriter Georg singing in High German and the funny singer 'Schurli' singing in Viennese dialect. The spectrum ranges from Der Tschik and Jö schau to Die Freiheit und Frieden - or even Der alte Wessely. In an interview with 'Kulturwoche.at', Danzer looked back on the time of his greatest successes: "The 1980s were certainly the hottest time of the century, marked by political commitment, for the peace movement, against retrofitting, against Pershing, etc. It was a time when we felt we could move politics with art. This was very quickly removed after the outbreak of the 'New German Wave', and within a year it was suddenly absolutely old-fashioned and mega-out to get politically involved in any way. But I think the pendulum is swinging in the other direction again. In a fitting interview, the sculptor Alfred Hrdlicka once said that it was incomprehensible to him that there were any artists at all who did not express themselves politically".


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