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A crisp mixture of 60s beach party surf music and rock'n'roll. A musical entertainment, partly with artistic show interludes, which captivates by enormous joy of playing and energy.

"Honey Bunny in Martini Mood" is the theme and instrumental fusion of COBRA EXPRESS. With popular classics from Tarantino movies, movie soundtracks and lots of their own surf songs, COBRA EXPRESS tour both in small clubs and at well-known events. The great repertoire of cover songs can confidently be described as a "Pulp Fiction Party". Your own songs are what surf music has to sound like today: Not denying the roots, but also be open to other influences. With titles like Beach Cruiser, Takatuka Land, Tijuana Tequilla or Waikiki Beach Party everything is said and done.

Time to Surf ... Shake your body!

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Surf Experience (CD)
Cobra Express: Surf Experience (CD) Art-Nr.: CDPART610005

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(Part Records) 15 Tracks - Digipack - Rockabilly Surf! - Since 2012 ROC, MIKE and C. C. COBRA have won the EXPRESS and - in a completely genre-untypical instrumentation with double bass - besides numerous classics of instrumental fender...