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Arik Brauer

Arik Brewer

Born on 4.1.1929 in Vienna Brauer was surrounded by music from a very young age. First it was the Russian and Jewish songs of his parents that accompanied his path, then a short course of study at the conservatory, and finally the compulsion to earn a living with music and singing. For several years he earned his daily bread with guitar and voice, in Paris he finally had an engagement as an Israeli folk singer together with his wife Neomi. Music is still part of the daily life of the brewers - Mrs. Neomi and daughter Timna sing along for example on the LP Alles was Flügel hat fliegt'. Right after the release of his first LP, Arik Brauer', which brought him a sensational success, 2 golden records and more than 300 offers for musicals, films, TV works and theatre productions, Brauer began working on Alles was Flügel hat fliegt'. "It took me three years to write the songs." The songs, which were first released as a film and then on the record, also brought Arik Brauer the highest approval. Austria's Chancellor Bruno Kreisky said: "I can primarily say that I like these songs very much and find some of them particularly impressive - especially because of their socially critical attitude. In the person of Brauer I find it very interesting that he testifies in his songs to how very young people of his generation became passive material of history.'.
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Arik Brewer
He is one of the most important painters of our time. He was born on January 4, 1929 as Erich Brauer, son of a Jewish craftsman in Vienna.

Persecution by the Nazi regime.

he is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Robin Christian Andersen, Josef Dobrowsky, Herbert Boeckl and mainly Albert Paris Gütersloh. Together with Fuchs, Hausner, Hutter and Lehmden, he founded the'Vienna School of Fantastic Realism' in 1947. During this time he also studied singing at the Vienna Music School.

First exhibition participation'Die Hundsgruppe' in Vienna.

1951- 1954
he undertakes extensive journeys by bicycle through Europe and Africa.

he lives as a singer and dancer in Israel.

he performs as a ballet dancer at the Raimundtheater in Vienna.

Brauer marries the Israeli Naomi and has called herself'Arik' ever since. They live in Paris. With his wife he performs as an Israeli vocal duo. The LP'Neomi et Arik Bar-Or' is released. Daughters Timna and Talja are born. In 1961 he had his first successful solo exhibition in Paris.

The'Vienna School of Fantastic Realism' goes on a world tour exhibition.

The exhibition of Galerie Flinker in Paris represents a breakthrough for brewers as painters. He returned to Vienna and settled there, as well as in the Israeli artists' village of Ein-Hod. There he rebuilt a ruin for himself and his family into an artistically designed house. He has exhibitions all over the world. Numerous books by and about Arik Brauer are published.

From 1965
Numerous lyrics in Viennese dialect, as well as productions of records and CDs.

From 1970
he creates stage designs at the Zurich Opera House, the Vienna State Opera and the Theater an der Wien.

Release of the LP'Arik Brauer', which is gold-plated twice.

Birth of daughter Ruth.

The LP'Alles was Flügel fliegt' was released, as was the television play of the same name. Brauer paints a stage design for the Paris Opera. He composed a singspiel for the Wiener Festwochen, recorded the LP ' Sieben in one piece' and created the graphic portfolio'Die Menschenrechte'.

These years are marked by a travelling exhibition of the brewer's retrospective in the USA and numerous lectures at American universities. He receives a visiting professorship at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg.

Award of the Austrian Environmental Protection Prize.

Retrospective in the Vienna Secession and numerous exhibitions all over the world. In 1986 Arik Brauer was appointed full professor at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Release of the LP'Geburn für die Gruam?

He produces the LP'Poesie mit Krallen' with his daughter Timna and they also play many concerts together. Numerous artistic activities for the World Ski Championships in Saalbach.

Design of the television programme'Sesam öffne dich'.

Design of a chess game for the Augarten porcelain manufactory in Vienna. Another stage design for the Zurich Opera House will be created.

Design and creation of a residential house (brewer's house) for the municipality of Vienna.

Design of the motorway service area Lindach (Upper Austria), also the CD/CDI'Von Haus zu Haus' is released.

Artistic design of the cultural and shopping centre'Kastra' in Haifa, Israel.

Facade design of the catholic'Kirche am Tabor' in Vienna.

Large retrospective'Arik Brauer 70', Wien Museum.

From 2000
numerous ceramic figures are created.

Release of the CD ' Motschkern is gsund', the book 'Der Teufel und der Maler. A Satyrikon' appears.

Design of the town hall facade in Voitsberg, Styria.

Awarded with the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art I. Class.

Establishment of the monument'Human Rights' in Vienna.

Exhibition 'Don't Shoot the Blue Flower' at the Kunsthaus Wien, construction of the Brauer-Privatmuseum in Vienna.

As of 2004
Numerous readings with singing lectures.

The book 'The colours of my life. Reminders' appears.

Group exhibition'Fantastic Realism', Belverdere, Vienna.

Exhibition'Arik Brauer and the Bible', Dommuseum, Vienna.
Exhibition'Fantastic Realism', Gallery of BASF Schwarzheide GmbH.
Book and festival exhibition'The Power of Love', Weihergut Gallery, Salzburg.

Exhibition'The Colours of my Life', Art Trierenberg.

Concert in the municipal theatre'A Gaude wars in Ottakring'.
Exhibition and book'Mahlers Lieder', Galerie Weihergut, Salzburg.


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