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Michael Price - Vox
Dorian Chavez - Guitar
Leroy Martinez - Drums
Eric Martinez - Bass

About the Band: The Black Mambas are a four piece Punk Band, heavily influenced by first wave Punk, their live performances are breath taking filled with power and fury, they released their first 45' RPM record late 2013 and their first full length record "Black Mambas' in early 2014. Both of these releases have received fantastic response. The band is currently working on new material and will undertake their first European tour mid 2015.

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BLACK MAMBAS: Black Mambas (2014)
Art-Nr.: CD1402001

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(2014/WILD) 12 tracks, 60s Neo - Garage combo with a 70s Punk attitude! Great stuff for every lover of crude 60s music! A mixture of the Shadows Of Knight and the early Ramones! Recommended!

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