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The Big Three, formerly members of Cass and the Casa-novas — guitarist Brian Griffiths, bass guitarist Johnny Gus tafson and drummer Johnny Hutchinson were among the top few Liverpool groups by the time the Beatles emerged in early 1963. They claimed to have a repertoire of 600 songs. Managed by Brian Epstein and signed to Decca, their studio recordings were disappointing. Only the EP Live At The Cavern did them justice, and that was released in 1964, six months after the break-up of the original group. Gustafson had gone first to the Merseybeats and much later to Quatermass, Hard Stuff and Roxy Music, while Griffiths just dropped out of sight. In 1973, Griffiths and Gustafson re-formed to make one album (Resurrection on Polydor). The drummer was Nigel Olsson from the Elton John Band.

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