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Filth that belies its age. 9/10 Probably the most astonishing filbuln that I ever reviewed, for many run-sons. Just like sex, each generation appears to think that they the first to invent shocking music. Much of what went before punk was often to be insinuated filth, Blues artists of the 40's and 50's were fine exponents of the double entendre but this col-lection of smut predates all that by a decade and much of it doesn't beat around the bush, excuse the pun, how about Gene Autry's 'Throw Your Ass Against The Wall, Here I Come, Balls And All'? Musically it's mostly up-tempo country, Cliff Carlise's 'Mouse Ear Blues' is Hank Williams 15 years before Hank and the Tune Wranglers 'Red's Tight Like That' is near as damn rockabilly recorded in 1935, forget all you thought you knew! Simon Nott


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1-CD DigiPac (4-sided) with 52-page booklet, 28 tracks, total playing time 77:36 mns. ‘In the 1940s Rhythm ‘n’ Blues recordings the double entendre was left to the listener to decipher, in these 1930s hillbilly songs the meaning was very clear!’ A collection of smutty songs full of the ecstasies of self-indulgence, fornicating, drink and narcotics. Music  as performed in Whore Houses where songs about fornication were joyously...

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