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Press Archive - Julia Lee - Party Time (Bear Family) 10-inch LP - ugly things #43
JULIA LEE — Party Time (Bear Family) 10-inch LP The classic R&B era was marked by the existence of a fun subgenre known as the party record, essential-ly the same jacked-up, hard-swingin' rhythms married to lyrics about... well, the very natural act from whence rock 'n' roll got its name. The records essentially had to be sold under the counter to adults only, ala the old Tijuana Bibles smutty comic books and porn mags prior to the advent of Playboy. Once in awhile, a party record would break free and become a hit, ala Hank Ballard & the Midnghters' "Work With Me, Annie," Dorothy Ellis' "Drill Daddy Drill," or The Toppers' "Baby, Let Me Bang Your Box." For the most part, howev-er, this stuff was a brand of raunch so blue, they were intended to be filed behind your Redd Foxx LPs. Going by this limited edition


Press Archive - Gene Vincent Bluejean Bop! (10inch LP) - ugly things #43
GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS — Bluejean Bop! (Bear Family) 10-inch LP At first glance this 10-inch platter appears to be a shrunk-down repro of Gene Vincent's stellar 1956 debut LP. Not quite. Released as part of Bear Family's Vinyl Club Exclusives series, it's modeled on the original Australian release of Bluejean Bop, a 10-inch edition which had only eight songs instead of the 12 on the US Capitol LP. The title track and other stone-cold rockabilly classics like "Who Slapped John,


Press Archive - James Luther Dickinson Dixie Fried 180g LP - ugly things #43
JAMES LUTHER DICKINSON - Dixie Fried (Future Days/Light h the Attic) CD/2LP (Bear Family) LP Recorded on the cusp of his split from the Dixie Flyers, Dixie hied is the soundtrack of James Luther Dickinson's mind—an expansive universe steeped in his Southern upbringing, pre-war blues, carnival barkers, contemporary soul, rocka-billy and teen-band rock 'n' roll. Catalyzed by Ry Cooder's "high-end Hollywood art rock," Dickinson set his mind to music in sessions from November 1970 to January 1971—taking along his Flyers, Dr John and other Memphians for the ride. And like the proverbial '36 Pack-ard trekking a cloud of dust on a country road, that ride was sponta-neous—producing authentic roots music at a time when similar ef-forts were contrived.


Press Archive - Mansa Musa - Hold On To The Faith 180g LP - ugly things #43
MANSA MUSA - Hold on to the Faith (CreelBear Family) LP Although another excellent archi-val find from Trinidad and Tobego by Cree Records, this is far more than just a Carribean release. In fact, the occasional steel drum is the only indication that this is a West Indies record at all.


Press Archive - AMOS MILBURN — Rockin' The Boogie - Ugly Things - #43
AMOS MILBURN — Rockin' The Boogie (Bear Family) 10.inch LP Houston-born-and-bred Amos Milburn was a blazin' R&B comet during the late '40s and '50c. An absolute master of barrelhouse and boogie woogie piano stylings, he eventually became known for hooch anthems like "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer" and "Bad, Bad Whiskey," despite there being no personal life evidence of a drinking problem.


Press - Dan Penn — Nobody's Fool (Bear Family) LP - ugly things #43

With "I'm Your Puppet," "Dark End of the Street" and other South-ern soul classics, Dan Penn's song-writing landed him national hits and a vocation. His 1973 solo debut No-body's Fool didn't find the same com-mercial niche, but Penn did find his as a performer. .'grooved in Memphis, Nashville and' 'other nice places"


Press - Arthur „Big Boy" Crudup, A Music Man Like Nobody Ever Saw - ugly things - #43
ARTHUR 'BIG BOY' CRUDUP - A Music Man Like No One Ever Saw (Bear Family) CD box set Crudup is best remembered for waxing the original versions of "That's All Right Mama," "My Baby Left Me" and "So Glad Your Mine" that Elvis Presley redrafted early in his career. Indeed, this collection's subtitle is from a statement the Rock .11' Roll King saying that if he could achieve Crudup's feel then he would become "a mu-sic man like nobody ever saw" While it is certainly difficult to pinpoint which stylistic ele-ments the Memphis Flash ap-propriated, this 5-disc, 124-song collection provides insights on why the bluesman was held in such high esteem


Press Archive - Little Richard, The Explosive Little Richard, 2-LP - ugly things #43
LITTLE RICHARD – The Explosive Little Richard (Bear Family) 2LP The Explosive Little Richard has been around the reissue block a few times, most recently a now out-of-print expanded Legacy CD in 2004. This edition features the original 1967 OKeh LP and all of the initially unreleased CD bonus tracks on a sec-ond album. Granted, the Georgia Peach was getting desperate at this point, one of many attempts to revive his post-Specialty career, dabbling in contemporary soul covers such as "Land of a Thousand Dances" and "Function at the Junction" that were good but hardly revelatory. In more familiar rockin' territory, however, he could still deliver on the driving


Press Archive - The Ronettes feat. Veronica, Presenting the fabulous... 1964 - ugly things #43
THE RONETTES - The Ronettes featuring Veronica (Colpix Album) (Bear Family) LP "Boom. Boom-boom. BAM! Boom. Boom-boom. BAM!" The very molecular structure of the uni-verse changed the minute Hal Blaine struck that beat inside Gold Star Studio's hallowed echo chamber, and the rest of the Wrecking Crew joined in, on three or four pianos/ guitars/organs/glockenspiels/casta-nets/anything, all swirling within that converted meat locker and the magical properties of the metal plate suspended within.