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In Sweden Anna-Lena is still in demand as a singer. Even in the hit parades her name appears now and then. In addition to shows and galas, appearances on radio and television are still on the programme. She is particularly fond of singing traditional as well as modern church songs in churches for an older audience. She has constantly expanded her stylistic spectrum in recent years and she loves to show the whole range of her vocal skills. "The more I sing, the better I feel," she says with a smile, adding, "I think I have much more to give today than I did 30 years ago."

At the end of the 1960s, she was one of the most successful record stars on the German pop scene and was able to regularly place herself in the bestseller lists with her songs.

Anna-Lena Löfgren was born in Stockholm on 1 May 1944. Her father was a printer at the Swedish newspaper'Expressen' at the time, but he was able to work his way up quickly and soon held a leading position.

At that time, a polio epidemic was rampant in Sweden and Anna-Lena fell ill with polio at the age of almost five months. She overcomes the disease, but her right foot remains paralyzed forever.

Since she can't play with the other children later on, she discovers her love for music early on. She enjoys singing and as she has a particularly beautiful voice, she soon joins the school choir.

But she has her problems with making music collectively. The way they sing does not meet their expectations either. A little later she ends up in a choir of the Stockholm Radio, which is mainly used for children's programmes. Here she feels in good hands, especially as the group leader is a modern and open-minded man who tries to promote the personality and individuality of his young choir singers.

Meanwhile Anna-Lena can also play a little guitar. "As you play at 15," she makes it clear in retrospect, "I taught myself most of the time, without any particular ambition. Actually, just to sing with me. I never had a real musical education."

Her instrument is her voice. And only for the pure pleasure of singing does she take part in various young talent competitions, all of which she wins. But she doesn't dream of a career, because she has completely different professional plans: she wants to study psychology later.

When she wins another competition in 1961, this gets her the attention of Swedish metronomes and she gets a record deal. ..

Auszug aus BCD16261 - ANNA-LENA Dein Herz, das muss aus Gold sein (1962-72)
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Dein Herz, das muss aus Gold sein (1962-72)
ANNA-LENA: Dein Herz, das muss aus Gold sein (1962-72) Art-Nr.: BCD16261

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1-CD with 16-page booklet, 29 tracks. Playing time 77:23 minutes. Including US Hits in german language: Do What You Do , Do Well ( Ned Miller ), L.A Internatinal Airport ( Susan Raye ), End Of The World ( Skeeter Davis ), Cold, Cold...
$15.79 $18.05
Iwan Iwanowitsch - Sentimental Baby (7inch, 45rpm, PS)
Anna-Lena: Iwan Iwanowitsch - Sentimental Baby (7inch,... Art-Nr.: 45LANDA688

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U.S. pressing from 1962! Rare 'Landa' label!