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The Abels
Following the example of the Revellers popular on both sides of the Atlantic, music professor Pal Abel set up a vocal quartet in Berlin at the end of the 1920s, which he led and accompanied from the piano. From 1928 the four singers (in the original line-up: Jozsef Balss, Rezsö Feleki, Imre Revesc and Jenö Vig) will be heard above all as witty daily hits, which Pal Abel will rearrange with refinement into original cabinet pieces. After Abel had separated from his vocal ensemble in 1930 and Stephan Kardosch had joined them, the group first appeared as Die Five Songs, from 1933 as the Kardosch singers and then as the Spree Revellers, to which Rudi Schuricke joined. The young Schuricke created the Schuricke-Terzett from the personnel-reduced formation in 1936.

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