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Helen Vita

The Vita and its forbidden songs
Helen Vita sings frivolous chansons from all over the world


Cheeky, cheekier, boldest, most cheeky - what Helen Vita presented in the sixties with a whole series of records made the good old folk wisdom doubted by the good old German citizens, according to which the German do-gooder may feel at home, especially when singing loudly: Where people sing, settle down, evil people have no songs.

And now this. A German chanteuse sang old French songs with timelessly erotic content, clearly expressed ambiguities and made clear what males like females, the colourful people of noblemen and beggars, counts and priests, jugglers and maidens, wardrobes and whores, worthy like rag pack, had already driven onto the bridge of Avignon around the year 1500: because there - "sur le pont d'Avignon" - it drifted so pleasurably. And that everyone with everyone, in all weathers.

That was new and yet a long time ago. There, a blonde actress sobbed lasciviously naive about love, lust and sorrow, interpreted folk-song chansons full of relish, which announced happy vices and amorous know-how and let one see that one would never get enough of the Dingda, this most beautiful triviality in the world. That's when the stork was declared a fight. This sounded like a brute rejection of Germany's leading culture, and even worse: it smelled of the Cultural Revolution!

Meanwhile, as so often before, the German bourgeois sat on the good sofa and resented, grumbled, moaned and gave himself outraged. Then the professional evildoers in the country came to his aid, scowling public prosecutors and official guardians of public morals got upset, rained about a "danger to the West" and put some of the records on the index, which could now only be had under the counter with the imprint "forbidden for young people". This brought the breakthrough for the already hit-suspected LP edition: The shops were stormed. And Helen Vita made sure there was more: the "bawdy songs" of English troubadours joined the chanson erotique. And the record players in this country were hot in those days.

The case soon occupied German jurisdiction. The gallant-laster-like chansons were declared forbidden songs, penal orders were hacked, sentences were pronounced and reversed, trials were reopened. For years there was an endless legal squabbling over this musical mess, which at least gave an idea why mankind has not died out since Adam and Eve.

Excerpt from the booklet BCD16051 - Helen Vita Freche Chansons (3-CD)
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Auszug aus dem Booklet BCD16051 - Helen Vita Freche Chansons (3-CD)Read more at: https://www.bear-family.de/vita-helen-freche-chansons-3-cd.html
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Freche Chansons (3-CD Deluxe Box Set)
Helen Vita: Freche Chansons (3-CD Deluxe Box Set) Art-Nr.: BCD16051

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3-CD box (LP-size) with 76-page hardcover book, 60 tracks. Playing time approx. 181 mns.
Freche Chansons aus dem alten Frankreich (CD)
Helen Vita: Freche Chansons aus dem alten Frankreich (CD) Art-Nr.: CD65583

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(Pool) 10 tracks