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That'll Flat Git It  

'That'll Flat Git Git It!' - Legendary Rockabilly CD series with cult status 

 'That'll Flat Git Git It!' - Legendary Rockabilly CD series with cult status Here we go! The Rockabilly originals of the decade, 1954 to 1964 and partially apart from that period. Every single CD picks out a specific record label as a central theme, wether it's SUN, RCA or one of the other labels on various 'That'll Flat Git It!' Volumes.

No matter if it's Rockabilly, Hillbilly Bopper or some rough tough Rock'n'Roll, if it's primitive garage rockers or well-produced Rockabilly with a chart entry, whatever you're looking for – this is the unique cream feature of the labels compiled! There's no other comparable series coming to the point this way!

The non plus ultra to get down to original 1950s Rockabilly!
Rockabilly CD-Album-Serie that now runs to twenty-seven volumes, That'll Flat Git It

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