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JESSE THOMAS was an amazing blues treasure who recorded for Victor Records at the age of eighteen in 1929. He also recorded for Modern, Elko. Hollywood, Freedom, Miltone and Swing Time, Thomas returned to Shreveport, LA in '56 and played there for the remaining 39 years of his life. Jesse's almost expressionless face was a contrast to his sensitive and quirky self-penned songs. The veteran country blues guitarist played a series of festivals in the early '90s including Chicago in '92.

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Jesse Thomas: Blue Goose Blues (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDIMP704

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(1995/IMP) 16 tracks. At the time of the recording a living legend (*1908) who had already recorded way back in the '20s. These tracks are covering various blues blues styles, mostly acoustic set-up. Nice, but not essential. Bonus track is an original from '29....

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Jesse Thomas: Cool Kind Lover - Long Time 7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: REP20033

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Hot rockin' Blues with great guitar action on the Hollywood label.

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Jesse Thomas: Blues Is A Feeling
Art-Nr.: CDDD749

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(1992 'Delmark') (48:05/12) Der jüngere Bruder von Ramblin' Thomas aus Dallas. 1992 spielte er, kürzlich 'wieder entdeckt', auf dem 'Chicago Blues Fest' und nahm kurz darauf in den brandneuen 'Riverside Studios' von Delmark dieses herrliche Album auf. Ein...

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