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The Kentucky Headhunters: Authorized Bootleg: Live - Agara Ballroom
Art-Nr.: CD1315902

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(2009/MERCURY) 16 tracks - ecopac

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The Kentucky Headhunters: The Kentucky Headhunters With Johnnie Johnson - Meet Me In Bluesland
Art-Nr.: CDAL4965

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(2015/Alligator) 11 tracks (43:33). Meet Me In Bluesland is a hip-shaking dose of blues, roadhouse R&B and old-school rock 'n' roll, with Johnnie Johnson working his legendary magic on the keys and The Kentucky Headhunters working the greasy grooves like they...

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The Kentucky Headhunters: Best Of The Kentucky Headhunters
Art-Nr.: CD522710

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​(1994/Polygram) 13 tracks.

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The Kentucky Headhunters: Pickin' On Nashville
Art-Nr.: CD838744

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​(1989/Polygram) 10 tracks. All songs published and produced by the Kentucky Headhunters.

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The Kentucky Headhunters: Big Boss Man (2005)
Art-Nr.: CDCBJ0618

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(2005/Sony) 12 tracks - special price

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The Kentucky Headhunters: Dixie Lullabies (2011)
Art-Nr.: CDRDM7402

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(2011/RED DIRT) 14 tracks (49:11) great new & own material, in the tradition of the Southern Rockers.

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