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Roscoe Shelton

Roscoe Shelton: Born in Lynchburg, Tennessee in 1931, died in Nashville, Tennessee in 2002. Roscoe Shelton was a giant of the classic R&B era. He started out singing Gospel with the legendary Fairfield Four in the late 1940s before entering the military. Upon completion of his service, Roscoe joined The Skylarks who recorded for Excello’s Gospel Music imprint, Nashboro Records. With the success of his friend Sam Cooke moving from Gospel to R&B, Roscoe set his sights on doing the same. In the late 1950s and early 1960s Roscoe recorded some of the most beautiful records of the era. Several were regional hits. Enough so that Excello released the LP ‘Roscoe Shelton Sings’ upon his leaving the label. He then recorded a couple of 45s for Ted Jarrett’s Val-Dot label in 1962 before landing at Sims Records where he had his first big national hit with Strain On My Heart (with Johnny Jones on guitar). Sims was soon absorbed by the big- ger Sound Stage 7 label. Roscoe recorded prolifically for Sound Stage 7 and had another big hit with Easy Going Fellow in 1966 (he lip synchs this in show #3). SS7 released his second LP ‘Soul In His Music, Music In His Soul’ later that year. With the death of his two friends Sam Cooke and Otis Redding back to back, Roscoe felt that the road was taking too great a toll. John Richbourg released him from his contract and Roscoe did a few 45s for the much smaller Ref-O-Ree label. He rarely toured and performed only occasion- ally around his hometown of Nashville, Tenneessee.

All the while, Roscoe’s records were achieving cult status in Europe and Japan. He decided to return to the music business in the early 1990s and made a very strong comeback. He recorded new material for Appaloosa, Magnum, Black Top and Cannonball Records both under his own name and with old friend Earl Gaines as ‘The Excello Legends.’ He toured Europe and the U.S. and became quite a festival draw. Roscoe succumbed to cancer and passed away in 2002. 


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Let It Shine (CD)
Roscoe Shelton: Let It Shine (CD) Art-Nr.: CDXBT1149

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(1996 'Black Top') (48:51/12) Southern blues and R&B von dem Sänger, der in den frühen 60er Jahren einige kleinere Hits für 'Excello' landen konnte. Gut, wenngleich auch ein Album ohne Überraschungen / southern blues and r&b from one of...
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She's The One
Roscoe Shelton: She's The One Art-Nr.: CDAP221142

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(1995 'Appaloosa') (40:09/11) Im Gegensatz zu seinen früheren R&B-Aufnahmen für 'Excello' dominieren hier gradlinige Blueselemente. Shelton ist ausdrucksstarker Sänger und die Band leistet aufmerksame Unterstützung / once one of the most...