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MAJOR HANDY: Zydeco Feeling
Art-Nr.: CDCAPO2023

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He ain't no youngster (he was born in 1947). But he remained in obscurity until only recently, when Chad Kassem recorded this fine album. Superb contemporary zydeco and blues, sometimes funky and always soulful. With horn and the great Lil' Buck on guitar. Recommended.

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Boozoo Chavis: Hey Do Right!
Art-Nr.: CD747072

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(1996 'Antone's') (43:25/14) Hervorragendes Album! Voller Spielfreunde und satt im Sound. Macht Spaß / outstanding effort from this Louisiana legend. Great stuff, great sound. Enjoy it!

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Various: Louisianna - Live From Mountain Stage
Art-Nr.: CDBPM306

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(1990s 'Blue Plate Music') (59:29/13) Radio-Livemitschnitte von der 'Mountain Stage' in West Virginia. Ansonsten unveröffentlicht / otherwise unreleased radio broadcasts.

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